9 Basketball Skills You Need to Learn


    Basketball is not just a sport; it's an art. You need to be mastered this art to succeed. Evidently, hard work can always beat talent. Along with hard work and talent acquisition, you need to master proper basketball skills.

    Perhaps, you are getting a little more interested in basketball. We are assuming that you've heard about the basketball greats, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Ever wondered about the reason behind their success?

    They are innately talented. But alongside, their hard work and right skills have bought them to this stage. You might have fascinated seeing NBA athletes scores a shooter thirty feet away from the basket. How do they do that?

    Well, the NBA basketball player spends the majority of their practice times on fundamentals. In this article, we'll highlight basketball skills and fundamentals. Let's get started. 

    Basketball Fundamentals: Learn the Basics

    Basketball is an energetic game that requires the proper understanding and instinct to perform quickly. Also, it requires strength, stamina, and mental abilities.

    The secret to succeeding in the game is to master each technique and skills needed to play. There are different situations that an athlete or coach has to confront. Understanding the circumstances can help you make a quick decision on the game. 

    Some situation includes:

    • You may see the opponent using different tactics than you. 

    • You may see the opponent scouting you and they know your offense inside and out. 

    • You may play for different coaches throughout your career who have a different coaching style. 

    So, what works against all these situations are the right basketball skills. It works no matter what age or team you are in. Without further ado, we will move on to the main focus of this article. 

    Necessary Basketball Skills You Should Learn

    Learning how to play basketball with proper skills is essential. However, mastering the skill is way more important than that. A lot of you failed in basketball because you don't have adequate knowledge about it. 

    Below are some of the basic skills that can make you successful in the game. 

    1. Dribbling

    Dribbling is one of the crucial skills in basketball. It's an art of bouncing the ball up and down with one hand. Thus, a player has to advance the ball toward the basketball court. 

    While dribbling, a player is not allowed to touch the ball with both hands. At the same time, the player has to protect the ball from opponents and find a better passing lane. 

    Here you might need proper ball-handling skills and understanding on how to spread the fingers on the ball. Only then, you can succeed. Also, you should not look at the ball, pound the ball harder and use your free arms as a shield. Here are different types of dribbles;

    • Change of pace

    • Behind the back

    • Crossover dribble

    • Low dribble

    • Pull back dribble

    • Basic dribble

    • Dribble between the legs

    2. Shooting

    In basketball, the players need to score more points to win the game. To score more points, one has to shoot the ball into the hoop. Therefore it is essential to improve the skill of holding the ball and throwing it into the air toward the basket. 

    The player has to do it properly and avoiding a clash with the defender. A perfect shot needs correct aiming, an extension of arms, and lift from the legs. There different types of shoot you can adapt. Such as; 

    • Jump shot

    • Free throw

    • Dunk

    • Layup

    • Alley-oop

    • Three-point shot

    • Hook shot

    3. Passing

    Excellent passing skills can make a player master in the game. Basketball is a team game that involves a certain number of players. Having a good offensive attack needs good passing from players. An excellent passer can easily find the teammate who is ready for a shot.

    In the game, a great passer can make the difference between scoring and not scoring. A passer has to find the open man or a good shooter, and he also needs to go away from a defender. There are different types of passes you can adapt to become a good basketball player.

    • Chest pass

    • Overhead pass

    • Baseball pass

    • Push pass

    • Bounce pass

    • Off-the-dribble pass

    4. Running

    The whole basketball game includes a lot of running in the basketball ground. No matter if you are offensive or defensive, you need to run back and forth. Running in the right way will help you avoid the defender and get close to the basket. While being defensive, you'll need to run after the opponent player. 

    5. Jumping

    Jumping in the basketball game is essential to take shots or catch a pass. This skill defines how good a player is. In offense, you need to jump ball at the start. While on the defensive, you need to jump to block a pass or a shot of opponent. Jumping your opponent for a rebound is also an essential skill. 

    6. Rebounding

    Rebounding is a statistic given to the players who regain the ball after a missed free throw or field goal. The rebound could be offensive and defensive. It is tough to get an offensive rebound than a defensive rebound. 

    After a missed shot, the defensive rebounder stays close to the basket and in a better position. A team can win if they have a maximum number of rebounds. They get more shot attempts and chances to score.

    7. Blocking

    The good blocking skill is required when a player is in defense. It gives the live crowd more joy than anything else. When an offensive player shot, the defender has to swat the ball away. Also, the defender has to block its route to the basket and stop any points from being scored. 

    8. Stealing

    As the name suggests, stealing is snatching the ball away from the opponent to gain possession. Stealing requires coordination between a quick hand and the perfect timing. You can steal a pass out when the opponent is dribbling.

    9. Moves

    There are different kinds of moves a basketball player has to adapt. The steps are essential in performing both good offense and defense. A player can have its own style when it comes to moves. With better moves, one can find an open man and execute a good shot. 

    To Sum Up!

    These are the basic basketball skills that make an ordinary player extraordinary. When you will be able to execute these skills correctly, only then can you grab everyone's attention? 

    It will not only make you a successful player but also can bring  success to your team. As an emerging basketball player, you should learn and practice these skills!