Alex DeBrincat, the Famous American Winger


    Alex Debrincat is a professional American winger in ice hockey. He was born in Farmington hill, Michigan, the United States on December 18, 1997. He attended Harrison High school in Farmington hills but left high school to pursue his hockey career. Later, he participated in Lake Forrest Academy, which is famous for athlete activities.

    His elder brother Andrew is also a hockey player who played two seasons for Lake Forrest Academy.  Alex plays for Chicago Black Hawks of the national hockey league. In the 2016 NHL entry draft, Chicago Black hawk selected him with the overall ranking of 39th. 

    His Career as a Hockey Player

    His playing career started at the academy at Lake Forrest since he didn't continue high school to peruse his hockey career. He also played the Ontario Hockey league (OHL) in the 2014-15 season as an extra player.

    He played his first match of the Ontario Hockey League on September 24, 2014. In the first match, he scored his primary goal against Saginaw Spirit and won the game with a score of 7-1. Alex's first hat trick was against Sarnia Sting In November 2014. During the season in Ontario Hockey league, he played 68 matches where he scored 51 goals with 104 assists.

    Alex scored nine goals and 16 assists in 20 matches when playing the J Ross Robertson Cup finals. After the post-season, he was selected for the Emms Family Award. He also crowned the Rookie of the Year Trophy. Alex was one of the players to be listed as OHL's First All-Rookie Team and OHL 's Second All-Star Team.

    In March 2015, he won a prize as the player of the month. He was selected as the player of the month, with 23 points including 16 goals and 7 assists in 12 matches. He was one of the players with record scoring 50 goals back to the back season and scored 5 hat tricks during the season.

    Moreover, he played three seasons with Otters in 2017-18. He started his NHL career On October 5, 2017, against one of the best team Pittsburgh Penguins. Alex's first NHL goal was against Montreal Canadians.

    Alex also participated in the 2016 IIHF World Junior Championships, in Helsinki, Finland. 

    Achievements and awards

    During his hockey career, Alex DeBrincat has received several honours. He won most goals awards in 2014 while playing MPHL in the All-Star Malloy Division and MPHL. Furthermore, he earned several awards during OHL. Which are 

    • Rookie of the month March 2015

    • Rookie of the month September 2015

    • Rookie of the month of October 2015

    • First Rookie team award, 2015

    • Emms Family award,2015

    • Second all-star Rookie, 2015

    • Rookie of the year, 2015 

    • CHL's best talent award 2016

    • Third all-star team award 2016

    • Red Tilson Trophy 2017

    • Eddie Power Memorial Trophy 2017

    • Memorial cup, 2017, etc