Biography of Alexander Ovechkin


    Alexander Ovechkin was a professional off-ice hockey player who was born in Russia. Very few people can hardly find that they don't hear the name of alexander Ovechkin. He started his career in 2001 playing in the team dynamo in Moscow. Let's know more about personal life and career if you are a big fan of him.

    Early life

    He was born in Russia in 1985. His father was athletic, and his mother was the winner of a two-time gold medal in playing basketball in 1976 and 1980. His father was a football player.

    Alexander had two older brothers. His mother said that alexander would be a great athlete in the near future. From his childhood, he was very energetic and curious about all from his life. He was a very active, talented, and was very interested in hockey.

    Alexander was a genuine hockey lover and played hockey like a pro player from his early life. He took his first hockey sticks when he was only 2 years old.

    His elder brother was his inspiration in his hockey career and helped him to continue his hockey practice. An incident will give you a clear view of this. When he ten years old, his brother had a car accident and died in this accident.

    At the same time, he had a match the next day. His parents told him to play for his bother. He played and scored a goal then he gave this goal credit to his brother seeing at the sky.

    Personal life

    Alexander was a citizen of Russia by born. He was born in a sporty family, i.e., his father was an athletic, and his mother was a famous basketball player too. The world considered him as the youngest star of hockey at his 17 age.  His height is 1.91 meter.

    The career of Alexander Ovechkin

    A big star like Alexander Ovechkin started his career in a club Named Dynamo in Russia. Next. He played in the Washington capital, the national hockey league, and the Russian national team as well.


    Alexander Ovechkin started his career in playing the Russian super league at the age of 16. At the earlier, he scores point 4 in 36 matches. Before joining here, he spent 3 seasons in NHL. Therefore, he scored 36 goals and 32 assistance in 152 matches.

    Because of the 2004-2005 lockdown, he couldn't continue NHL and played one more season in Dynamo. In the year 2004-2005, he scored 2 points in 37 games. Later on, in the year of 2005-2006, he played a match against Canada and got injured in his shoulder and keep him out from the game for several months.

    Washington Capital

    At present, Alexander Ovechkin is a forward player in the Washington capital. Before lockdown, he was playing with fantastic speed and continuing that speed in the right way. He reached the 700 goals club on February 22, 2020. Now he is standing in the eight players in the NHL.  He started his Washington capital club in 2005 and continued it 2012.

    Before that, alexander Ovechkin starts his Washington capital career focused on achieving all points, points, PowerPoint goals, shots, and so on. He stood in 3rd place, scoring 106 points and stood.

    He achieved the nomination for the Pearson Award for his outstanding success. He was one of the 7 athletics in the EA sports. He completed his second season scoring 46 goals and 92 points.

    Alexander Ovechkin made 52 goals in that season. Moreover, he scored 46 more goals in another arranged campaign. Despite these achievements, he couldn't make the Washington capital team strong.

    Playoffs games

    Alexander Ovechkin reached the playoff scene on April 11, 2008. In the first round, an interesting event took place with Philadelphia Flyers. Next, Washington defender Mike Green start comeback the goals, and Ovechkin scored another goal.

    Then four minutes later, he did a fantastic goal which faces down Martin Biron. It was the most dashing goal in his career.

    500 goals Club

    Ovechkin reached on the 500 goals club member on January 10, 2016. Therefore, he was one of the fastest players in league history and achieved that status with his 801 games. Indeed, that was a great achievement for him. This status makes a player great to the supporters.

    1000 points in NHL

    After scoring 500 goals in his career, Alexander Ovechkin scored 1000 points in the National Hockey league. It was a milestone success for his career. Very few players can do this in this like Ovechkin.

    He celebrated his goal with Washington Capital's defender Matt Niskanen. With this goal, he became the 84th member of this 1000 pints club and 37th players in the same team.

    600 counting

    Alexander Ovechkin made another achievement on March 12, 2018. He did it once again in front of the Washington capital's supporters and scored 599 goals. Four minutes later, he did his 600 goals and reached in the 600 goals club. He was the farthest fastest player who reached that milestone.

    International Games

    Ovechkin played under 17 hockey challenge cups in 2002. He did two hat-tricks against Switzerland and the USA. Later on, he was select for the Euro cup under the coach of victor Nikonov. He was the youngest skater in the Russian national team.

    Next, he was selected for the IIHL world18 championship. He scored 14 goals there and has some good assistance in scoring more goals. In 2019 he was the highest scorer in the world 18 championships.

    Alexander was then selected for the captain of the junior hockey national team of Russia. Next. The coach of the Russian national team nominated him to the Russian national team for the world cup tournament.

    In 2004, Ovechkin played on the Russian team there the team Russia won the gold medal. Then he requested the president of Russia to give equal respect and status to the IIFA tournament as it is given to the Olympic games. He joined the IIFA championship tournament, and the team won the silver medal at that time.

    Bottom Line

    Alexander Ovechkin was a young, talented professional hockey player at the age of 17. He was talented from his very early age. He is now the star of the hockey world.

    We can hardly find any people who don't hear the name of Ovechkin. He started his career playing in Dynamo in Moscow. Later on, he played for Washington capital and NHL as well.