Asa Lacy the Great Baseball Star


    Asa Lacy is an American baseball star. This left-handed player was born on June 2, 1999, in Bryan, Texas. Besides, the grey-eyed player is 6'4", and weigh 215-lbs. He has brown hair.

    Lacy joined Tivy High School as a senior player in Kerrville, Texas. His ERA was 0.93 and had 128 wiped out over 97 innings. Then Cleveland Indians drafted him for his excellent performance in the 31st round of the 2017 MLB Draft.

    However, he denied signing with the Cleveland Indians. He started to play college baseball at Texas A&M University. He had five relatives in the university baseball team, and that's why he was enjoying playing there.

    While at school, Lacy made a school record in 2017 by winning 13 times. Also, he named All-District 26-5A First Team and became senior MVP. As a junior, he notched 2-2 marks with an 0.63 ERA in 2016, and he also fixed All-District 36-5A Second Team.

    In 2018, as a freshman, he pitched 23 matches, including two starts in his first season in Aggieland. He made a record there with 2.75 ERA and 48 wiped out in 39.1 innings. It was his begging.

    In 2019 in his sophomore year, he started 13 matches and logged 8-4 record with 2.13 ERA and 130 wiped out in 82.8 innings for the Aggies.

    In 2020, He started four matches and made a 3-0 record with 0.75 ERA, and also wiped out 46 in 24 innings.

    He pitched in 38 matches, including 17 starts for the Moron and White. He has an 11-5 career record with 2.32 ERA and also 0.172 opponent batting average. Overall he wiped out 178 in 128 innings throughout his career.

    Those were a glimpse of his career stats. He has done a lot to be great. After his freshman season, it was clear that he is going to be celebrated in the baseball world. He just needed a breaking ball, and that's why he went to Alaska.

    He was in the first two-in-one pitch. One is a fastball, and the second is the changeup. Those two were his only ability. Again he was between a curveball and a slider. Not exceptionally well, but he can do those two.

    So to be useful in a curveball, Lacy practiced with his couch. And he did it. He came back to his campus at A&M with a curveball.

    After that, Lacy tried to be better on the slider. He wanted to hone his whole arsenal, so he started to practice that. He spent his entire 2018 fall working on the slider. And he made it too. He jumped to four-pitch max from two-pitch.

    Now, Lacy signed with the  Kanas City Royals to start from June 2020, with a $6.67-million. Moreover, he was selected fourth by overall by Royals in the 2020 MLB draft.

    Lacy is a top left-handed among the rotation player. He could easily be a top drafted player in any MLB draft. And yes, he can become it.