Emerson Hancock


    Emerson Hancock  is an American Baseball player. He was born on May 31, 1999, in Cairo City, Georgia. This fit and the healthy athlete is 6'4" and weighs 213-Ibs. 

    He joined Cairo High School as a senior player and played there. That the time he was drafted by the ArizonaDiamondbacks when he was playing 38th round of the 2017 Major League Baseball, but he didn't sign with them. Instead, he stayed at the University of Georgia, and also he welcomed his promise to play there.

    It was a great decision by him, and that decision gave him in return as now he becomes the top-five draft of the 2020 MLB. The Seattle Mariners selected him in the 2020 Major League Baseball draft.

    The strength of Hancock is his dependability and quality of repertoire. He can throw four pieces of all graded like 55-65/80. Do you know his speed? Well, it is 99-mph. Moreover, he can do that with three more secondary pitches. It's high strength. He feels good to do that with an absolute power to control the break.

    This super-star player has other abilities. He can do throw a changeup and curveball both though he didn't use changeup pitch ability often in Georgia. Cause he didn't need to use it there. Instead, he did swing and misses ability. He can use this ability very well with fading.

    The other strength is the curveball. This skill was not used until he joined the professional baseball teams. In school, nobody even knew he could do it. 

    It is effortless for him to be a top draft player. He generated 205 wiped outs in collegiate 192 innings. Also, he has impressed all in all with his controlling. He made a record BB/9 of 1.8 in 90.1 times pitched in 2019. Also, he rated 1.1 in the short 2020 season.

    He has everything to be a top draft player in the selection. Thus, it will not be an excellent surprise to found him as a front turning pitcher in MLB.

    Sliding is another skill that made Emerson famous. He can increase his speed by pushing. For striking, he can improve his oblation up to any counts and can generate swings.

    Every delivery of Emerson is backed by his sheer physical strength that relieves injury risk. His physique is his most significant advantage. However, it doesn't guarantee that there would be no injury problem.

    Along with sheer strength and skills,  he has some weaknesses too. He had a lat injury that restricted his pitching in only 14 matches in 2019. Also, that made him drop off from dominating.

    He started his season by agreeing on eight earned runs in ten openings. After the injury, he was allowed for 12 earned runs in 4 opportunities.

    In 2020, he has agreed ten earned runs in his four openings. However, in the past, he had more eye-catching statistics.

    Hancock received the 2020 Vince Dooley Athlete of the Year award as a junior major in sports management. The UGA Athletic Association presented it.