Summer Music Sizzles with Pitbull and Enrique Tours


    Quite a few co-headlining summer tours have   brought together Enrique Iglesias and Pitbullto blast our ears and throb our hearts. In between, the dynamic duo has rockedNew YorkCity to Dallas to Denver, and you name it!

    Pitbull andEnrique Tours are mostly done in respect and celebration of any of their latestalbums, or singles released. Either way, they have been a massive summer hit,whenever scheduled. Why are Pitbull and Enrique Tours so humongous? It's all inthe names.

    Pitbull and Enrique's TourPerformances:

    Pitbull and Enrique had already done a joint tour in 2014-2015. Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull Live! It would be their second joint Tour together, obviously bigger and better than before. Latin boy band CNCO accompanied them.

    The Tour played40 shows combining the US and Canada and sold over 422,000 tickets, becoming a success for both of them. With Pitbull opening the show with Culo, Feel ThisMoment and Hey Ma and Enrique's Subeme la Radio, Bailando, Bailamos, I'm a freak, Escape and Loco, the audience went near-wild with excitement and energy.

    The two Latinstars closed the show with their collaboration; I like It. Their shows usuallyend with chanting audiences, mandatory dances, and relish to taste forever.

    Enrique Iglesias

    Spanishsinger/songwriter Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8, 1975, inMadrid, Spain. His adventure in music starts with borrowing money from hisnanny, Elvira, to record a demo cassette tape containing two English and oneSpanish song.

    He approached his father's publicist and, with his help, released the tape with the name Enrique Martinez. That is because the lad never wanted to use his family name to advance in musical careers. He was first signed by Fonovisa Records and later moved to Toronto to record his first studio album.

    Music and Albums:

    With acollection of light rock ballads, Enrique released Enrique Iglesias, in 1995.It had the famous song Si Tú Te Vas. This album, along with the two that cameafter were all released under Fonovisa.

    In one week,this album sold half a million copies, which was pretty rare at that time,given that it wasn't in English. His song "Por Amarte'' got a televisionrendition, and the CD was translated into both Portuguese and Italian, sellingcopies like anything.

    His other songsfrom the album, No Llores Por Mí, and Trapecista, along with the one justmentioned, topped the Billboard Latin charts and made Enrique win the GrammyAward for Best Latin Pop Performance.

    With the releaseof Vivir in 1997, Enrique began to compete with English singers/songwriters. Insales, he competed with many music superstars of the time. Three singles fromVivir, called  Enamorado Por Primera Vez,Sólo en Ti, and Mient topped the Latin charts and any other chart that a Spanish-speakingcountry could have.

    He was nominatedwith his father in the AMAs in the category of Favorite Latin Artist, first ofits kind.

    In the following year, he released his third studio album, Cosas del Amor (or Things of Love).His position in the Latin music scene was cemented with his singles from the album, titled, Esperanza and Nunca Te Olvidaré. This time, Iglesias won an AMAin the category of Favorite Latin Artist nominated with Ricky Martin and Chayanne.

    By 1999, he hadmade it to the crossover. He was well-established in the market of Englishsongs. Other successful crossover acts came from Ricky Martin and GloriaEstefan, who made Latino music popular with the English and Americans.

    Asked by WillSmith to do a track of his movie Wild Wild West, Enrique gave us Bailamos. The single was a number one hit in the US and soon became an international hit. Bailamosalso made mainstream record labels seek Iglesias. He signed a multi-album deal with Interscope and released his first, full-English CD Enrique.

    This pop albumhad its roots in Latin, and so the influence was expected and welcome. It hadthe single Rhythm Divine and a duet featuring Whitney Houston and titled CouldI Have This Kiss Forever.

    AlongsideChristina Aguilera and Phil Collins, Enrique got to perform for the Super Bowlin 2000. During this time, he was accused by Howard Stern of not being able to tosing life. To his reply, Enrique came to his show with a guitar only and sang to shock the jock. This, according to him, was his best promotion.

    Enrique's secondEnglish album was called Escape, released in 2001. Iglesias's second scoredmore in sales compared to his first, in contrast with other crossover artists.Be With You from the album became the second single from Iglesias to top the UScharts. This album later became his biggest commercial success.

    In 2002, he released his fourth Spanish album called Quizás, selling a million copies in the first week and becoming the fastest-selling Spanish album in five years. By2003, we saw his seventh album, called 7 rightly. It had the songs Be Yourself, Addicted, and Not in Love featuring Kelis. He also gave us albums Insomniac in2007 and Euphoria in 2010.

    From his next and the 10th studio album, the single I'm a Freak featuring Pitbull released in2014 and thank heavens for that collab. His last studio album gave us Bailando, the international hit that won him 3 Latin Grammys, a direct competition to Shakira in the Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart, and the most-streamed song in both Mexico and Spain. Billboard called Enrique, The Crowd Pleaser of 2014.


    ArmandoChristian Pérez was born on January 15, 1981, in Miami, Florida. The Americanrapper, songwriter, and singer took the stage name Pitbull, a name that wouldtake over the rap-loving nation in a matter of years.

    Only at the age of 3, he could recite Spanish poems. His musical influence was the Miami bass genre. He took the name of a dog because this was to him an outlaw, representing a strong force and will to survive. He was featured on Lil Jon'salbums Kings of Crunk, after meeting him in Miami. He was also featured on the soundtrack of 2 Fast 2 Furious and later worked with Uncle Luke and Lil' Zane.

    Albums and Music:

    In 2001, he was signed to Luke Records. In the same year, he was introduced to Robert Fernandez of FAM, who began to develop the works of Pitbull. They wanted to create something more fitting to radios. They cut out times to reach hooks and made the beats catchier, with less focus on rap.

    Pitbull releasedhis debut album MIAMI in 2004 with Culo as the lead single. His other singlesincluded Dammit Man, Back-Up, Toma, and That's Nasty. His second album saw himdedicating tracks to his late father. El Mariel, released in 2006, included thesingles Bojangles, Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera), and Fuego.

    His third albumwas called The Boatlift and was released in November 2007. It had the singlesSecret Admirer, Go Girl, The Anthem, etc. His fourth studio albumwas called Pitbull Starring in Rebelution and had the successful track I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho). Itended in the 7th position of the Hot 100 Singles of 2009.

    In 2011, he wasfeatured in JLo's Love? And the whole world was blessed with On the Floor fromthe duo. This certified hit made it to the Billboard 100s. Pitbull and Jlo cameback one more time to sing We Are One for the FIFA World Cup 2014.

    His seventh studio album was called Global Warming and had songs like Get it Started, FeelThis Moment, etc. The EP to this studio album featured Timbered with Kesha, the song that peaked number one in 18 different countries. His tenth studio albumClimate Change was released in 2016.

    With more shows scheduled for the two together in the coming years, who would doubt they'd rock us head to toe? We definitely don't!