The Prince of Latin Pop: Prince Royce Concert Dates 2020


    Geoffrey Royce Rojas, also known as Prince Royce by profession, is one of the most talented Latin singer and songwriter. Since his debut in 2010, the Dominican American singer has been a common name in the Billboard Tropical and Latin charts with his Latin pop and R&B music.

    The singer has been traveling all over the country and world since the beginning of his career with his new albums and solo songs. He has toured six times with his albums, and there were two opening acts in concerts for singers Enrique Iglesias and Ariana Grande. Let us see the upcoming Prince Royce Concert dates 2020.

    List of Tours

    Prince Royce has been on tour as the main attracting as well as collaborating with colleagues from the music industry. On two occasions, he has opened an act with his stage singing performance for other singers, Enrique Iglesias and Ariana Grande.

    Headlining concerts

    • Phase II Tour- 2012
    • Soy el Mismo Tour- 2014
    • Five World Tour- 2017
    • Alter Ego Tour- 2020

    Co-headlining concerts

    • Power and Love Tour- 2014- With Wisin
    • Bad Man Tour- 2016- With Pitbull

    Opening acts

    • Euphoria Tour- 2011- For Enrique Iglesias
    • The Honeymoon Tour- 2015- For Ariana Grande

    Prince Royce Career

    Born in The Bronx, New York, the Latin pop singer found an interest in music at a very early age. He builds up his passion for music and singing through experimenting with different forms of music and writing poetry. His debut album in 2010 got his career into a boosting start.

    His first, two solo songs reached the top number one position in the US Billboard and another non-English song reached number one in Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. Since then, throughout the last decade, he released a number of albums, and all of them reached number one in every top music charts.

    His Latino style of music, Bachata, is hugely popular in the Dominical Republic. Although most of his songs are non-English, literally every album of his has been certified as Multiplatinum.

    The huge fame and his personal style of music brought him more than hundreds of international awards. He has also collaborated with famous singers such as Shakira, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Thalia, Jennifer Lopez, and many other singers.

    Despite having a short career, the singer has become a significant contributor to the society and a role model of the youth. His name is up there in the Bronx Hall of Fame along with a street name after him for his contribution in raising funds and awareness of kidney disease and education in public school when he joined the marathon run in the New York City Marathon.

    With multiple awards and nominations, Prince Rojas has been one of the most successful musicians in his own genre of music in the music industry. His huge fan base, 55 million followers in social media, are always eager to hear him live, and there is always huge buzz and crowd in his concerts and tours.

    Every Latin America and US concert tickets have always been sold out. Also, in 2019, the famous singer made history by being the one and only tropical music artist to host his own concert at the Houston Rodeo at the NRG Stadium with generating huge euphoric fans of 55,000.

    Upcoming Prince Royce Concert Dates 2020& Tickets

    Prince Royce has a packed schedule in the next 2 years, at least with his live performances all-over America. Despite the COVID-19 situation, his concerts of 2020 are expected to be a hit generating huge crowd everywhere.

    The first concert in 2020 is scheduled to be held on April 23rd, although it seems unlikely to continue. Nevertheless, here is a full list of his upcoming concerts dates and venues in 2020-

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Boston

    The first Prince Royce concert is scheduled to be held in the House of Blues Boston, Boston, United States. The concert is scheduled for 23 April 2020 and is to start at 7 pm. The ticket price for the concert starts at $53.

    Different the website has different prices as the promotion and discounts vary. On average, a fan can expect to buy the ticket at around $65. But, the price is highest in StubHub with $94.47. Unfortunately, the concert is likely to postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Las Vegas

    On the same day (04/23/2020) of the first concert this month this year, the singer is to perform in the House of Blues, Las Vegas, at 8 pm. The price of the premium tickets for the concert is $49.00. As same as the concert in Boston, the Las Vegas concert on 23rd April is expected to postpone because of COVID-19 pandemic.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Hannover

    On the following day, 24th April 2020, the singer has a show in Hannover at two different places. The first concert is at the Main Ballroom at Maryland Live, Hanover, United States. The show is scheduled to start at 03:30 pm. The price of the ticket is lowest now at $62.00 and can reach up to $113.00.

    The second concert on that day is in Maryland Live, Hanover, the United States, scheduled to start at 08:00 pm. The ticket for the show is on sale with the price being $66.00.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Philadelphia

    The Latin pop singer again has a concert in Philadelphia on 25th April 2020. The show is at The Fillmore Philadelphia, Philadelphia, United States. The concert is to start at 09:00 pm. The ticket is available at the cheapest at $21.00. However, the premium seats may cost $95.00.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Minneapolis

    On the same day, 25th April 2020, another show is scheduled in Minneapolis. The concert is at the Fillmore Theater, Minneapolis, United States. However, the timing of the concert is not known yet. It is probably to start at 10:00 pm. The premium seat price of the ticket for the show is $23.00.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Hartford

    On 28th April 2020, the singer has two concerts in Hartford. The first concert will start at 03:30 pm in the Mortensen Hall at Bushnell Theatre, Hartford, United States. The show is expected to gather a huge crowd, and the theatre is also a very premium one. Thus, the ticket price reflects these variables. The ticket is set at $99.00.

    The second concert that day is in Bushnell, Hartford, United States. The show is scheduled at 09:30 pm. Again a premium theatre may cost fans up to $350.00 for one ticket. However, a ticket with $127.00 for limited customers.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Charlotte

    On the 1st May 2020, the singer has concerts in two different locations. The first one is in Charlotte. The concert will be held at the PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, United States. The ticket is on sale at $35.00.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Raleigh

    The second concert on 5th May 2020, is in Raleigh. This concert will be held in The Ritz Raleigh, Raleigh, United States. Ticket, however, is available on various platforms. The ticket price ranges from $45.00 to $70.00.

    Prince Royce concert in Atlanta

    In Atlanta, the singer is supposed to host a show on 2nd May 2020. The concert will start at 08:00 pm in Tabernacle, Atlanta, United States. The cheapest ticket sale at $36.50. Again, premium seats can reach up to $70.00.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Nashville

    On 3rd May 2020, the famous singer is to arrive in Nashville at 09:30 pm. The show is scheduled in the Nashville War Memorial, Nashville, United States. The ticket is on sale in various platforms, starting from $50.00 to $100.00.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Miami

    Prince Royce will perform in the American Airlines Arena, Miami, United States. The show will be held on 8th May 2020 at 08:00 pm sharp. Ticket price is quite low, within a range of $25.00 to $65.00 depending on the level of seats.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in St. Petersburg

    On 9th May 2020, the Prince of Latin pop will be live in St. Petersburg at 07:00 pm. The show will be held in Jannus Live, St Petersburg, United States. The ticket price ranges from $45.00 to $70.00.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Orlando

    Be ready to join Prince Royce live at his show in Hard Rock Live Orlando, Orlando, United States. The concert will be held on 10th May 2020 at 07:00 pm. The cheapest ticket is on sale at $51.00. Premium seats are available at the price of $188.49.

    Prince Royce concert 2020 in Newark

    The final scheduled show on the Latin pop singer is on the 16th of May. The concert is to be held in Prudential Center, Newark, United States, at 08:00 pm. Best price tickets are available at $28.00. However, prices can reach up to $100.00 on other platforms.


    Although there is enormous uncertainty with the current situation at hand, the concerts of Prince Royce are always expected to gather a massive amount of crowd, and tickets are always sold minutes after they are on sale.

    Fans all over the world are in the hope of joining the concerts of the Prince of Latin pop and Price Royce is undoubtedly ready to rock & pop with his music. Book Prince Royce Concert Dates 2020, and enjoy the concert with friends and family.