Reid Detmers


    Reid Detmers is a baseball player, born on July 8, 1999. He is an American who was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois. Reid attended school in Nokomis High School.

    Later, he had to shift to Glenwood High School after his family decided to move to Chatham. In order to pursue further study and career opportunities, Reid joined the University of Louisville. He plays for the Louisville Cardinals as a pitcher and is also a left-handed thrower and batter.

    Reid Detmers: The Player

    After joining Nokomis High School, Reid joined the school's baseball team to start his career and was referred to as All-Praire. During the Major League Baseball Draft 2020, Los Angeles Angels picked up Reid Detmers in the tenth overall.

    Detmers is built 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 210 pounds and was named ACC Pitcher of the Year in 2019. Comparison is often drawn between Reid Detmers and Brendan Mckay, a former Louisville Cardinal.


    He is an exceptional prospect and held in high regards as one of the most polished left-handed pitchers in recent times. According to, Detmers is positioned 8th in the list of best prospects. The greatest weapon in his pitching armoury includes the fastball and curveball.

    However, doubts remain regarding the effectiveness of curves against the big league hitters because of its low 70s speeds and out-of-hand visibility. He can throw the fastball at speeds of above 90 mph.

    Moreover, what makes it even more impressive is the fact that the velocity of the pitch is perceived to be quicker than it is. On the other hand, he likes to change the eye level and can disrupt the timing with the slow curveballs with speed ranging from 72-76 miles per hour.

    With this unique and effective combination of fastball and curveball, Reid has managed to get the better of more than half of the batters (48/91) in the abbreviated 2020 season. Besides, in 2019, Reid was in the 2nd position with 167 strikeouts in all of NCAA division.

    Family and Hobbies

    Reid Detmers is the son of Kris and Erica Detmers. A highly influential figure for his athletic career was his dad, Kris Detmers. Kris has always been supportive of his son and always encourage Reid to improve his abilities.

    Reid had a good interest in watching movies, and his favourite movie is The Sandlot. Moreover, Reid also enjoys to watch TV shows, and some of his favourite shows include How I Met Your Mother, The 100 and Prison Break starring Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell in the leads. Reid was a huge fan of St. Louis Cardinal and Chicago Bears. Moreover, his favourite athletes include Clayton Kershaw and David Price.

    Relationship Status

    Not much is not known to the public about his relationship status. However, it is assumed that Reid is single or likes to keep his relationship hidden from the media and the public.

    Fan following

    Detmers  has also earned a decent fan following over the years. As of June 23, 2020, Reid Detmers has 2913 followers on Twitter and 5222 followers on Instagram.