Career plans for NFL Players


    National Football League or NFL is the largest sporting league in the United States. Like all other professions, NFL players earn a handsome amount of money throughout their sporting careers.

    Accordingly, they get opportunities for several career saving and retirement plans based on their earnings. But the thing depends upon a player's own decisions on earnings and expenses.

    Career Saving Plans for NFL Players

    Thereare opportunities available for the NFL players arranged and organized by the NFL club, several savings plans. In these plans, the players contribute throughout their career and when they go for retirement, they can easily withdraw the savings.

    Mainly there are two major career savings plans allocated for the NFL players- the second career savings plans and capital accumulation plans.

    Second Career Savings

    The second career savings plan for the NFL players is also known as the 401(k) plan. According to this plan, you have to contribute or pay around $18,000 or above from the money budgeted for your pre-tax.It begins at the very first season. A player or you do not need to pay any taxes until you decide to withdraw the money.

    If a player is not willing to be enrolled in the savings plan or contribute, he will automatically be enrolled in the planning system. And an amount of money( at least 10%) will be charged from his payment.

    Again if he does not withdraw the money within 90 days of the first withdrawal time period, he could not withdraw it until he is allowed to do it, mostly during the distribution time.

    There is also an option for the club members and the employers to contribute to the second career savings plans. This includes the players' payments for matching contribution and minimum contribution as well.

    Capital Accumulation

    The capital accumulation plan mainly includes a profit-sharing contribution of the NFL players. It is decided to depend upon how many credited seasons a player has played and earned in a plan year. The contributions for the capital accumulation plans, you need to pay from your taxable income.

    Rather it involves a pre-tax contribution. You will be eligible to authorize the money contributed to the capital accumulation plan only after three years you have continued to contribute. Otherwise, you could not be able to claim the money at all.


    Distribution of the second career savings plan money is only worth it for you when you are no longer a member of the NFL club or earning anything throughout the consecutive years. Another important condition for having the saving distribution is that you must reach the age of 45. Whenever you fulfill these conditions, you are eligible to have the second career-saving distribution.

    When you withdraw money from the capital accumulation plans or second career savings plans, you have to pay an amount from your income tax portion for that particular withdrawal year. Also, the contributions of these plans are pre-tax, their withdrawal is tax-differed.

    Investments and Expenses

    There is an option for you to select your investments for both the capital accumulation plans and second career savings plans. You must choose it. In case you have not chosen the investment method, the club will arrange for your default investment to be funded by your 60th birthday.

    Investment plans basically involve the fees for investment management in these plans. The authority of the investment funds charges the fee. If you want, you can choose your investment method through online services such as the goalline website.

    Retirement Plans for NFL Players

    Retirement plans for NFL players are almost related to the players' saving plans and issues like that. Recently the retirement plans designed by Bert Bell and Peter Rozellefor NFL have become very popular. Here you will get detailed information about the retirement plans for NFL players:

    Bert Bell/ Pete Rozelle Plans

    Under the Bert Bell/ Pete Rozelle plans, there are two types of retirement plans mainly. One is defined-contribution plans, and the other is defined benefit plans. Defined contribution plans include all those above-mentioned plans, meaning the second career savings plans, the capital accumulation plans, and annuity program as well.

    According to this defined contribution plan, you as well as your employer will contribute to your individual accounts. When you get retired, you are allowed to withdraw the money. The amount might fluctuate due to your fluctuation of saving amounts and charges to your accounts throughout the years.

    Conversely, a defined benefit plan outlines the entire benefits that you will get at your retirement period. All the responsibilities, including the investments, contributions, and benefits plans, are totally imposed upon the plans' sponsor companies. One of the most common examples of defined benefit plans is Bert Bell/ Peter Rozelle retirement plans for the NFL players.

    There is no option for choosing whether you are interested in the retirement plans' contribution. This is an automatic process. And all the transactions like contributions and withdrawal are made using a trust fund. The NFL club members operate this trust fund themselves.

    Planning Opportunities

    NFL offers you multiple planning opportunities for a secured future after retirement especially. But the entire thing depends completely upon you. You have to make the right decisions on investments, savings, and expenses of what you earn in your NFL career.

    NFL career mostly consists of three and a half years or above. You can earn around $6.7 million, sometimes more than that, throughout your career. So, you have to do proper planning on your earnings so that you can get a handsome amount at your retirement period, which will secure the rest of your future life.

    The ultimate retirement time for an NFL player is off his 45 age. In addition to that, he will get the other charges on his earnings and expenses.


    You have now at least have a clear idea about the retirement and career-saving plans for NFL players. Retirement planning is very much important for a secured future for you as well as your family.

    If you are an NFL player, take the right decisions regarding your savings and retirement planning during your earning career. Be very calculative and future-oriented while deciding the issues.