Concert Tickets Gift Ideas


    Concerts tickets are one of the best surprises on any occasion for the persons who love music. It can be a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or any other special day– you can gift tickets to your lovable person. However, sending the gifts in a unique way can double the joy and pleasure.

    Hence in this article, we’re going to give you some best and creative concert tickets gift ideas that you can implement in 2021.

    Let’s get started.


    7 Creative Concert Tickets Gift Ideas


    You have probably decided to surprise someone with a concert ticket, but you still don’t have any ideas about how you will present the gift. Don’t worry!

    Here are top 7 creative ideas that you can implement.


    1. Send Balloons


    Sending a balloon as a gift really works and makes people happy. Buy some opaque balloons and fill them with glitters. Here, you can also buy some balloons already filled with glitters.

    Among all these balloons, choose one to place the ticket. Instead of placing the ticket in the balloon, you can also tie it with the balloon. Keep the balloon hidden in a box so that they can come out only when the package is open.

    Make sure you buy helium balloons. It’ll help the balloons lift automatically after opening the box.

    Exciting! Right?


    2. Create a Ticket Box


    You can prepare a ticket box too. To do this, you need a beautiful box filled with previously used tickets. You can also print fake ones if you can’t manage this many previously used tickets.

    Put the real one at the bottom of the box so that recipient can’t easily find it out. You can also add notes or give some directions to unbox. Thus it’ll be fun, and the person finds it interesting to search for the desired gift.

    Are you ready? See, what’s next.


    3. Hidden Inside Another Gift


    You can present the ticket hidden inside another gift. For instance, there will be a cake when you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any special day like this. You can place the ticket on the cake with some protection.

    When the recipient cuts the cake, the ticket will open up – a great surprise for anyone. You can also present it with a wine bottle to someone who loves wine.

    So, here you need to buy a wine bottle and attach the ticket with the tag. When the recipient is going to open the wine bottle, they will quickly notice the ticket.



    4. Send With a Gift Basket


    Mix and match multiple gifts and put a ticket carefully among them.

    For example, you can fill the basket with the t-shirt, snacks, glow sticks, and many other things required for a particular concert or show. The recipient will be happy to get the gift basket as well as the ticket.

    Need more?


    5. Gift by Writing a Letter


    This one is a prevalent way used for a long time. Yet, effective these days and people love to read letters.

    Write some words, quotes or anything interesting about the person you want to send the gift. You can also add poems or write a song to make the letter more attractive. If it is for someone you have an emotional attachment with, this method is a fun way.

    So are you writing a letter yet?


    6. Scavenger Hunt


    Humans love hunting by born.

    The scavenger hunt is always an exciting way to provide a gift to a child and adult person. You can prepare it in many ways – it can be indoor or sometimes outdoor.

    So to do this, make some written hints and give them to the recipient through an envelope. Try to make the clues difficult for the recipient as much as you can. You can also make a phrase, poem or lyric for making the Scavenger hunt more amazing.

    And finally, the winner will find the ticket.

    So what’s your catch?


    7. Present Through a Prank


    You can also make a prank call for giving the concert ticket as a gift. The main concept is making the recipient believe that they have won the ticket as a prize.

    You can call a radio jockey and ask questions to the person. The questions can be related to the concerts. After the QA session, announce the prize offering a free ticket or entrance for an occasion. Thus you can surprise anyone.


    To Wrap Up


    Tickets are always a fantastic gift that can make the day exceptionally memorable for a long time. Use these creative concert tickets gift ideas given in this article to double your joy. However, if you haven’t a copy, you can send the confirmation mail via email.