The Journey of Evgeni Malkin


    Evgeni Malkin is famous as a Russian professional ice hockey player. Even he is playing for the Russian Professional Ice Hockey Centre and alternate captain for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL (National HockeyLeague).

    Evgeni Malkin is a great talent. Which means he can be counted among the top 100 players all the time. Or you can count him in the top20 players. He has marked a significant role in the Pittsburgh Penguins by getting three championships, and he has got the regular-season success in the last few matches.

    Through he has rated as an underrated player, and it really can be assumed why it is so. It is because Sydney Crosby gets all the rightful attention, and that’s why Evgeni Malkin doesn’t get his fair pens.

    Evgeni Malkin Family

    On July 31, 1986, Evgeni Malkin was born in Magnitogorsk, Russia city in the Soviet Union. His birth sign is Leo. He is the son of Vladimir and Natalia, who was famous as a pro hockey player. His mother, Natalia, always had dreamt that her son would be a great star for their family.

    On the other hand, his father, Vladimir, was kind of realistic about him. His father worked for the Magnitogorsk Iron and SteelWorks. For the Metallurg Magnitogorsk team, he was starred as the defenseman. He has only one brother, whose name is Denis, who also played for this team.

    Personal Life

    He was sent to the sports school “Metallurg” in 1994 with the dream of becoming of future hockey star. Though it was too much difficult for him for the first time to play and sometimes he planned to quit school.

    After so many frustrations, failures, he proved that he has the spark of becoming a professional hockey player.

    When Malkin was 16 he was sent to the junior team where he has become one of the best players in the team. And this period is the first step toward his successful life.

    In 2004 his team had participated in the youth world championship in Canada, and his team won the first prize. He was the leading player in his team.

    Evgeni Malkin Marriage Life

    Malkin has finally met a girl for whom he was waiting for a long time, from whom he can get the fresh air. Evgeni Malkin was married to a Russian Television Personality, Anna Kasterova, in November 2015. The two had started to know each other for a long time, and later they were involved in a romantic relationship.

    Anna Kasterova stated that she did fall for him because Evgeni Malkin leads his life in a too simple way despite being a popular player. He always tries to help people in any way as he can to do. These charming characteristics impressed her to love this person. They married in the USA, and later they celebrated their happiness in Russia.

    After six months of their marriage, they had their first son together on May 31, 2016, and his name is Nikita Malkin. He won the Stanley Cup in the same year.

    In 2016, he won Games 1 and 2 of the Cup final against SanJose. He was overjoyed that year as he won the trophy and became the father of one child.

    In Magnitogorsk, Evgeni Malkin has owned a restaurant that is designed like the inside of a prison.

    Playing Style

    Evgeni Malkin has an excellent attacking ability and also defensive awareness. He was well known to play the power play point at the Sidney Crosby. Well, you can also say that he is a very good skater who has both firm balance and also decent speed.

    Even purposely, he can deliver the heavy hit when it is needed. He was known to contract on the base of feelings positively and destructively affect his playing. He has a very strong stick-handling ability by which he can do an arsenal of shots. He knows very well how to open the game and how to lead his team to the winning position.


    • Evgeni Malkin named NHL MVP in 2012, and he also won the Rookie of the year awards in 2007, which is a great achievement for him.
    • Besides, he has completed the U-18 World Championship for Russia. From 2003-2006 he has played for the Russian Superleague.
    • He also won the Stanley Cup when he was in the Sidney Cosby Team in 2009 and 2016.
    • Evgeni Malkin has competed for Russia in two IIHF World U18 Championships.
    • He also completed for Russia in three IIHF World U20 Championships.
    • He achieved for Russia one gold, two silvers, and one bronze medal as a junior in 2006.
    • As a senior player, he has played four IIHF World Championships and also won one gold medal for the 2012 event.
    • In two other World Championships, he has won the bronze medals.
    • For the Russia team, he has played three Winter Olympic Games; in Turin, Vancouver and Sochi.

    Evgeni Malkin Net Worth

    As a professional ice hockey player, the net worth of EvgeniMalkin is $50 million. He has earned this money by playing his professional hockey game.

    Present Status

    Anna and Evgeni are now overwhelming with their life. Even they have mentioned that they cannot imagine such happiness which is happening around them. Nowadays Evgeni Malkin is at a high position, which can be described as the peak situation.


    Though Evgeni is an amazing performer, he is underrated. This is only because Sidney Crosby gets all the attention. Evgeni Malkin is strongly determined to hockey, which can never be a question for him.

    We can give credit to his father as he was an impressive sportsman. He had a dream to make his son a professional athlete, which comes true.