How to get better at Hockey off Ice


    To be a good performer at hockey, it is necessary to have good knowledge and sound development at off-ice. The whole world is now under lockdown state, and it becomes more challenging for hockey athletics to maintain fitness as well as continue training.

    Performers get busy in watching videos, playing games, finding more alternative ways to improve skills at a different level. But it sometimes gets bored and doesn't provide enough support to fulfil the requirement. 

    So, what to do? The answer is simple. They need proper training for improving skills at various levels. If you want to be better at hockey and want to make a strong career on it, then off-ice hockey training will be important regarding this issue. So, let's learn the way to be better at hockey off-ice. 

    Why you need training?

    The most important and clear cause for off ice training is that it helps to improve your skill at slapshot.  Imagine you have a match and 2 or 3 practice per week, that means you are practising it 3 to 4 days per week. But if you do practice the remaining time at home, then you have six days to work on a slapshot that surely improves your Hockey development. 

    Do you even notice that you get tired while practising more? Surely the answer would be YES. Everyone gets tired when they attempt for a long-time practice. But doing off-ice training at home, you would be capable of exercising more that allows you to achieve more stamina.

    If you want to raise expertise by taking training, you might be ahead to others who are playing the same level as you. Now it is very common that all pro or good slapshot players do a lot of off-ice training that helps them to make a strong career in it.

    6 Requirements to get better at ice hockey

    The main crucial part of off-ice slapshot training is to work on the area that you need to use in typical Hockey sports. Therefore, some physical abilities are also required to perform it in a better way. To know the way continues reading.  


    Players need a lot of strength where they apply it while playing hockey. They generally move for a short time and get sufficient time to recover stamina. But playing for a long time it required more stamina to support it. It is the most core part of every slapshot performer that they must process for quick movement.


    Speed is one of the most key parts of it that helps them to skate the length of the rink and cover the distance throwing puck as fast as possible. It is good that speed is related to other skills like sprinting, jumping, or throwing a medicine ball. 


    Interval training is a good way to expand stamina. There is an exercise of making sprints at full speed for half a minute then walk for some moment to cool down and repeat. You can do it anywhere. Just follow the exercise and then repeat them.  


    To raise flexibility, just be static and dynamic bounces. Before games and training, it should be a habit of stretch. The good thing about stretch is that it creates a respectable way to take training anywhere you have time and needs little tools. A lot of resources online are available that assist you in forming a good stretch plan. 

    Body coordination

    It is very challenging to play slapshot as a player, and it requires more physical movement every time. You might survive on the whole ice, keeping trace on the puck, arms at slapshot's stick, skate around you, all of this makes body coordination significant for off-ice practice. Any exercise while performing, you perform various motion which needs greater body coordination. 

    It is quite clear that if you start earlier off-ice training you eventually get more benefit and it will be a habit. Taking these training and personal body strengths will sure make you a mature hockey player in your league. 

    For many Slapshot players, they can do many things at off-ice. Firstly, relax, secondly get higher training lastly play more. The last two parts are very common. Sometimes players are often sent to the trainer to learn better if their performance isn't well satisfactory.

    It is important to remember that training camp strength and fitness level should be improved but not at the upper level. The most important part of a hockey player is to maintain the balance between hard work and the chance to fall on an injury. Three exercises that all should follow in all ages and physical abilities and they are as follows.

    • Single leg sliding lateral squat

    • single leg straight leg deadlift

    • medicine ball rotational tosses

    These three exercises eventually increase your skill to a great extent in off-ice hockey.

    Training session

    Skill improvement of slapshot doesn't depend on only ice. Players of all ages and experiences can get benefits from this off-ice training. Athletics get training more and more whether to improve their expertise or to keep them fir for playing. Off-ice or dry hockey exercise develops their skill power stamina, less chance to fall injury, and finally, expand overall health condition.

    Hockey Canada design a training session for off-ice and includes 

    • Warm-up exercise

    • Stretching legs and hands

    • Plyometrics

    • Body balance and coordination

    • Fundamental body conditioning

    • Cooldown

    • Balanced food

    • Fluids and hydration

    All this exercise will improve both your skill and physical situation. 

    Here I mentioned all the way to be better at an off-ice slapshot performer. Practice makes a man perfect. So, you should give importance to these brilliant practice methods that slowly by surely make you a perfect skilful hockey player in the near future. Off-ice hockey is for those who want to use their additional time on it, and this leads them to the upper position in their respective league.


    Playing hockey is a dream for many people, and this they practice more and more at the ice. But the remaining time they don't. If someone wants to be better off at hockey, they eventually work the reining time at off-ice slapshot practice.

    What will it do? This makes you upper than others, and after some time, you find yourself better. For doing it so, you might go for training and exercise and so on. Thus, you can be better at Hockey off-ice.