How to Measure Arm Length in N


    Physical fitness is one of the essential factors in sports. When it comes to NFL being physically strong may not be enough. You have to be aware, smart and healthy.

    AnNFL athlete has to be fast and strong enough to either defend a tackle or tackle the opponent to get a score and take rapid decisions for further actions. In NFL average height of a player 6'2" to 6'4".

    But other than being tall, strong and fast, there is one more factor that helps an athlete to have leverage over the others. That factor is the arm length. The arm length of the reach of an NFL player is an essential attribute that works as leverage, especially when you are at the line of scrimmage.

    In this article, we are going to provide some vital information about how to measure arm length in the NFL.

    How to measure arm length in NFL

    Coachesmeasure the length from the soulder blade to the tip of the middle finger. However, the hands will be fully extended while measuring. The average armlength of a male athlete is around 30 inches while most of the NFL players have a length of approx. 30-34 inches.

    Why having a longarm is vital in NFL

    At the point of attack, most NFL players ought to win the battle, and the players with the most prominent structures and most extended reaches have a clear edge when battling with a player from the opposition team.

    Benefits of a longarm in the offence

    If you are in the offensive tackle, you may attempt to push the opponent in a specific direction while running play or hold your ground on passing plays.

    If your opponent has a significantly more extended arm than yours, then your opponent will be able to get his or her hands on your body to push you back. But your arm may not reach if you have a shorter arm. It's hard to push opposing players or hold them back if your hands can't reach them.

    Benefits of a longarm in defence

    If you are playing in defence, then you may have to throw your hands towards the offensive tackle's chest or shoulder. In this case, if you have a long arm, then you can keep them away at a reasonable distance and not let your opponent have leverage over you.

    Great length of the arm can help disguise any physical or technical lacks a blocker may have, particularly when power is combined. Having leverage of long arm also helps to keep a pass-rusher away from the blocker, the one section that defenders are following to take hold of to obtain an advantage.

    There are specific techniques to overcome the disadvantage of having a short arm. Still, if you have a long arm, then you may not have to worry about learning those techniques because you will be naturally performing with the leverage.

    Is Arm Length the same as Arm Span?

    No! Arm length is the measurement of the arm from the tip of the middle finger of one arm stretched arm to another one. And in arm span shoulder size is also included.

    A person may have longer arm length and shorter arm span because he or she may have a narrow shoulder. In the same way, a person may have shorter arm length but have a longer arm span because of a broad shoulder.

    Top 5 NFL athletes with the longest arm

    • Jon Harris: 38.50 inches
    • Clifton Geathers: 37.75 inches
    • Alex Barron: 37.75 inches
    • Antonio Anderson: 37.75 inches
    • D. J. Fluker: 36.75 inches

    Final Words

    Armlength plays a significant role in gameplay in the NFL. But there are ways to overcome the deficiency of arm's length. Yet the advantage of extended reach can be leverage in defence and offence both. Hence scouts or coaches look forward to finding or re athlete with extended am length.

    If you ever plans on being a coach or manager, then having this information will assist you in planning a player's position in the field and also get the athlete to play for your team. And if you plan to be an athlete then you know if you have this advantage or if you don't then don't worry, you can there are ways to cover up.