Whether you're getting tickets to a concert as a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or family member, only presenting them tickets is useful but not creative. Instead, think of ways to deliver tickets in a way that surprises you, while giving you the satisfaction of giving your beloved a unique gift. Use things from your home to turn those tickets into a special gift.


    It is possible that if you are going to buy tickets to a concert as a gift for your boyfriend, it should be for a band group or singer he loves. If he suspects that you are going to buy the tickets, dismiss him by purchasing a CD from the group instead.

    Remove the wrapper and security labels and glue the entrances on the inside of the case. He will probably like the CD, but he may not discover the entries until he looks inside. This strategy also works with a magazine with the band on the cover, or an old vinyl record for the collection.


    When you give your girlfriend tickets for a concert, add some elegance and conceal her by believing that you bought her some jewelry. Ask another woman you know if she has a plush box of some old bracelet; The perfect size for a couple of concert tickets. Wrap it carefully, so that the shape and size baffle it. She will be excited to discover the box.

    Still, hopefully, she will get even more excited when you find the tickets. They would also fit well in a box for a necklace, or folded in a box for a ring. However, be careful when presenting them in the latter, because you might think that it is something else entirely.

    Family member or friend

    Present tickets for a concert to a family member or friend by making a significant gift basket with everything you might need to go to the show. For one outdoors, you could include a blanket, binoculars, and snacks, along with the entrances.

    For a concert in a stadium, include a tour shirt with the date of the concert marked with a permanent marker and a pair of luminous wands. Consider the type of show and prepare a basket according to it. Souvenirs such as band dolls or a poster could be good options for a gift basket for a recital.

    Some creative ways to surprise someone with concert tickets

    Tickets for a concert is an ideal gift for any occasion. An original gift wrap will add excitement to these tickets. It is natural for those who receive it to try to guess the contents of a gift before unwrapping it. A considerable package will baffle them, making the tickets, even more, a surprise once you have opened the gift. Customize these wrap ideas to fit best the situation you need them.

    CD case

    Concert tickets fit very well in a CD case. Use a box from a disc of the band or musician that will offer the tickets. Once the tickets are inside the box, wrap it as usual. Whoever receives the gift will think that he is receiving a CD, until he opens the box and discovers the tickets.

    Package too large

    A box too large to store the tickets will baffle the recipient. Fill the box with chips for packing or some other type of filling, so that the container confuses them. Just when they are thinking that the box contains only packing material, they will find the tickets. Place them in a small box or sturdy envelope to ensure that they are not lost or broken during the process.

    A similar option is to wrap the tickets in a series of boxes that are becoming progressively larger. Place the tickets in a small gift box, cover it, and place it inside a slightly larger box. Continue the process as many times as you wish to keep that person to whom you are giving the gift occupied.

    Gift basket

    A gift basket with related items will be an excellent presentation for tickets. The other items included in the basket will depend on the event. For example, tickets to a concert could consist of a t-shirt, a flashlight, drinks and a bag of peanuts. Wrap the entire cellophane basket and tie the whole wrapper to complete the presentation.

    The gift within another gift

    Another option is to wrap the tickets for the event in another gift. For example, you can wrap tickets for the concert in a shirt that has the band's logo on it. For an idea of ​​a general gift inside another gift, place the tickets inside a box of chocolates. This will give the recipient an immediate gift, in addition to the excitement of attending an event later.

    Final Words

    Surprising our loved one is always exciting. The excitement reaches the sky if the surprise is planned correctly.