The journey of Mark Scheifele


    Hockey is Canada'smost prominent sport, and it is the official national winter sport there. Canadians, by and large, respect the don as they possess, and Canada is considered the origin of ice hockey.

    Over the last many decades, Canadian men, women, and children have enthusiastically taken part in hockey at all levels. They have eagerly observed the sport with extraordinary intrigued across the nation.

    Canadian players shape the spine of numerous groups within the National Hockey Association and broad alliances. Again, Canadian men and women have had a significant victory in the universal competition.

    Blasting lights, a fantastic organize, a city on shoulders—Mark Scheifele doesn't let acclaim detail him. A centered, humble competitor with a tremendous heart for hockey and confidence, he sets an illustration for everybody on and off the ice.

    Mark Scheifele is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the Canadian NationalIce Hockey team. The major clubs chose this prominent player in Canada'sNational Hockey Leagues, and still, he is the first choice for them.

    Life and family

    Mark Scheifele was born on March 15, 1993, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. His parents are Mary Lou and Brad. He has two siblings—a sister named Janelle and a brother named Kyle.

    Hockey Career

    As a professional hockey player, Scheifele has an enormous career history. His career was started playing as a team member of the minor hockey team in his home town, Kitchener. That was the place where his playing career started got its first boost.

    Scheifele played in that team till the season of 2008-09 in the position Center man. His basic training to become a professional hockey player got its base playing there.

    In 2009, based on selection priority, he was first drafted by the Ontario Hockey Leagues. The club bought him for that season was Saginaw Spirit.

    After playing for the Saginaw Spirit, Scheifele's performance caught the attractions of the big teams. In the season of 2009-10, he played for the Kitchener Dutchmen Club, a club of the First Division of his home town.

    This season brought him a big jump in his play. As a consistent performer, and with a high goalscorer, Scheifele was bought in the Barrie Colts Team for the 2010-11 season.

    Since then, Scheifeleplayed for the Barrie Colts in most of the major tournaments within Ontario. January of 2011, The Sports Network, the famous sports broadcasting channel of Canada, made its assumption on Scheifele that he might go on his midseason draft entry at the end of that year.

    Moreover, with a consistent improvement in play, in June 2011, Scheifele was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets. Winnipeg Jets is still one of the biggest ice hockey teams in Canada.

    That exchange made a drastic change in Scheifele's career. And since then, Schifele was playing as aright-center in this team and debut himself in the professional arena of ice hockey.

    Playing as a professional hockey player

    October 3, 2011, Scheifele signed an entry-level contract with the Winnipeg Jets, and he played for them in the National Hockey League's 2011-12 season. Sixteen days after his debut in the national play, on the second match of his journey in the national league, Scheifele scored his first goal! The play was between the Winnipeg Jets and the TorontoMaple Leafs.

    The 2011-12 season was a flying start for Scheifele. In his debut match of that season, he scored two goals and assisted another two against the Columbus Blue Jackets in the Ontario National Hockey Tournament.

    His outperformed performance in that match made him the rising star and grew a huge number of supporters. The session of 2011-12 was just the beginning of his fabulous career.

    Scheifele's moves were too unpredictable in front of the goal post-that James Reimer, the goalkeeper of the Toronto Maple Leafs was confused and could not make the defense against him. In an interview after that game, Reimerapplauded the high-class play of Scheifele and said he would be one of the best centermen of the hockey team.

    After his spectacular performance in National Hockey League, he went back to his hometown and joined the Ontario Hockey League for the Barrie Colts. Unfortunately, his team was eliminated from the playoff!

    After a couple of months later, he was called back by the WinnipegJets to play for them in the playoff of the American Hockey League. Scheifeleoutperformed in that match and the Jets have not qualified in that tournament also in the Calder Cup playoffs.

    Since then, Scheifelebecame a regular player for the Jets and joined their 2012–13 preparing camp and played with them.

    For the 2013–2014National Hockey League's season, Scheifele became a regular player for the Winnipeg Jets and played in all of their regular matches as the right centerman( aka the striker).

    He is still playing for the Jets and is considered as one of the best six forwards of all time. With his outperformed performance in that season, Winnipeg Jets qualified for the Calder Memorial Trophy and also won several major tournaments.

    In the 2015-16 season, Scheifele scored twenty goals and got his first hat trick in the NationalHockey League against the Montreal Canadiens.

    Awards and achievements

    As a player for the National Hockey Team's player, Scheifele's first major award was the 2012'sWorld Junior Ice Hockey Championships. This tournament was held in Canada, and Canada won the bronze medal.

    Moreover, he took part in the 2013 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships held in Russia.

    Scheifele regularly performed well in the National Team. As he continued his success, he made his place in the National Team very prominent.

    He played for the Canadian team at the 2014 World Championships, 2016 World Championships, and in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey as the player of the North American Hockey Team.

    Present status

    It's been almost 11years since he is playing professional Ice Hockey. Still, now he is playing for the Winnipeg Jets. In the last season, Mark Scheifele secured 41 points in 21games for his team.

    Recently Scheifelereceived his second consecutive Ontario Hockey League Player of the Week nod. There is a high chance he will play for the upcoming Olympics, and he is thinking out loud whether to play for Canada or North America.

    Final Words

    Mark Scheifele is one of the well-known ice hockey players in Canada. If you are interested to know about his life, then you should read this writing. Here, I have tried to elaborate on his life journey, and I believe this writing will fulfill your quest to know about him.