A Journey of Soulful Music with the “Neo-Soul” Singer of the Decade


    Gerald Maxwell Rider, going by the name Maxwell, is an American solo singer and music producer based in Brooklyn, New York. He is also extremely talented in playing multiple musical instruments.

    Maxwell is considered to be the pioneer of the music genre “neo-soul” and took an approach to give it commercial stability in the year 1990. Starting his career at the age of 17, with the gift of a keyboard from his friend, Maxwell has been a very famous musician since the beginning of his career. He has been going on music tours and concerts since 1996 and has been to around 11 tours throughout his music career.

    The Journey of Maxwell

    The gift of a keyboard from his friend inspired Maxwell to teach himself to play several instruments. Although he was a very shy and awkward person, Maxwell was always into music and instruments. So, he kept on learning while being immensely influenced by the then music of urban R&B. His initial performances were based on small cafes and studios. But all those gathered a lot of interest in the music lovers’ minds.

    When he first released his solo album from a small studio in New York that created a lot of buzzes and paved the way for his first-ever concert at Manhattan Nightclub. This debut concert drew a lot of crowds, and from there in the next 2 years, he produced a lot of songs, frequently played in many small clubs and venues, and also wrote many songs that later he recorded on his own. As his performance was started to create a lot of buzz and interest, he was considered as “The Next Prince,” which he surely lived up to throughout his career.

    Maxwell has released a number of albums where his second album, “Embrayo,” was a huge hit despite quite a few criticisms. Even after all these and losing Grammy Award at the year 1997, his albums were certified as platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). He is still an ongoing sensation in the R&B genre of music and is considered to be number one.

    The music genre “Neo-Soul,” a heavily based on soul music, is considered to be a part of the contemporary R&B.  The music genre is mixed with other genres like jazz, funk, hip hop, pop, electronica, fusion, and so on. Neo-soul, as a separate music genre, started developing during the year 1980-1990. And it is considered that Maxwell, with his Urban Hang Suite, pioneered the genre’s popularity and commerciality along with other musicians.

    Although his initial songs and albums were called conventional, Maxwell defined his taste in “Neo-Soul” music as something that always inspired him and something that takes him back to his past influences and inspirations. That’s why he was called “The Marvin Gaye of the 90’s” by The Washington Posts. His debut “Neo-Soul” the album was hugely successful, which was described by writer Carol Brennan as something of a breed of R&B music that gives intense personal experience and his creative love and control over the music.

    List of Maxwell Concerts and Tour

    Although his 2012 tour named MaxwellTwoNight was canceled, the singer has been touring countries throughout the world with his music since 1996. He has been onto around 11 tours. Among these 11, he was the headline attraction in 6 tours, and in the remaining ones, he was a collaborator.

    An Overview of Maxwell’s Concerts

    Maxwell goes to his concert with or for the latest album in his arsenal. All his concerts are either an announcement or promotion for his upcoming albums or a marketing campaign for his recently released albums. In a show in the US, about 144,000 tickets were sold away minutes after the announcement of an on-sale promotion. His genuine complexity of music catches interest every time he announces for a concert.

    If we look at his 50 Intimate Night tour of 2018, we’ll see that he visited North America’s some of the famous theaters to host music concerts. The trip was planned after the release of his new solo song, “We Never Saw it Coming,” which he produced after 2 years. The tour had its ticket sale from July 27, 2018, and there were also VIP tickets available with limited sitting on July 25th.

    The the tour was a three and a half months long tour where he hosted concerts in many famous theaters. The show began on September 27, 2018, at Altria Theater in Richmond, VA, and ended December 9, 2018, at the Beacon Theater in New York. Concerts usually start in the evening, and there is always a huge buzz and crowd interest as fans join the “party” from all over the world.

    Upcoming Concerts of Maxwell in 2020

    Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Maxwell has his schedule prepared for the year 2020, starting from the coming June 2020. Throughout the whole year, he will be traveling to different places where “Neo-Soul” lovers will have a chance to listen to his soulful music live.

    It is said that Maxwell’s music touches the soul of the listeners, and it is always a great experience to hear his live in a melodious environment with family and friends. One of the greatest contemporary R&B singers of all time is expected to hit the road and nearby theaters starting from June 13, 2020, if everything is in his favor. Here is the list of his upcoming concerts in 2020-





    Detroit, MI

    The Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre


    Nashville, TN

    Schermerhorn Symphony Center


    San Diego, CA

    Embarcadero Marina Park South


    Los Angeles, CA

    Hollywood Bowl


    Atlanta, GA

    Atlanta Symphony Hall


    Atlanta, GA

    Atlanta Symphony Hall


    Ticket Sale and Price

    There are various platforms where tickets for the concerts of Maxwell are available, and anyone can purchase tickets through their international credit cards or other paying systems. The ticket prices vary according to the venue, time, availability, and sitting capacity of the concerts.

    Ticket sale

    Ticket goes on sale two to three months before the concert dates. There are many online website platforms from where an enthusiast or a fan can purchase concert tickets. Websites like 888seats.com and so many other verified platforms sell tickets of Maxwell’s concerts online. They also deliver the tickets at your doorsteps. There is also contact information like a phone number for the support team of vividseats.com and live chat option for customers to guide them and provide answers for their all kinds of queries.

    To begin with the purchase, customers will have to look for the scheduled concerts and check if the ticket sale has started or not. Once the sale has started, they could just tap on the ticket button or icon to view prices and purchase options along with the seat availabilities.

    The platforms also provide total seating capacity, availability, and structure. So, customers can also choose what kind of seats they prefer and whether group seating is available or not for a group of people. Finally, the customers can choose the payment options and how the customer wants to receive the ticket(s).

    Ticket price

    The ticket price of the concerts varies according to the type of theater, seating capacity as well as the availability of seats. The first concert of June 14, 2020, has an average price of $182. Most other date concert tickets range from $180 to $200. But, the 17th June 2020 concert is to take place at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN, and the average price of the ticket for that day is about $250.

    Of course, the ticket prices also vary according to the promotions and discounts of different websites and customer relationship activities. One can expect offers from the credit card and other banking companies while purchasing a concert ticket for Maxwell.


    Maxwell’s concerts are a great experience for music lovers all over the world. His different style of music and soulful performances always create a lot of buzz in the minds and hearts of “Neo-Soul” lovers.

    Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the situation of the current world to be better, and surely their next resolution would be to join the upcoming concerts of Maxwell. Be sure to journey to the vintage era of music with the ambassador of soulful music in the forthcoming Maxwell Concert 2020 with brand new music and brand new style.