Missed the Last Living Legends Tour? They Got You Covered!


    America’s hip hop supergroup, the Living Legends, have thankfully come together after their oft-sought hiatuses. And there will be a Living Legends tour soon in 2020 (after the Living Legends tour 2019, scheduled in February) to bless our ears with the music. With each member evolved and now better at their MC skills, the West Coast collective is set to hit the stage!

    About Living Legends

    Living Legends began in the middle of the The 1990s. It was first called Mystik Journeymen and consisted of only Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam, then known as BFAP and PSC. Mystik Journeymen started in 1994 with the two, when they sold their tapes to people.

    They were planning to create a fan base with selling tapes and hosting what they called Underground Survivors shows. The next year, they met The Grouch, another member of the current lineup. They did self-funded tours in Europe at their own sweet will.

    The Mystik Journeymen with the Grouch united with another trio like them back in 1996. The latter trio was called 3 Melancholy Gypsies and had the members Eligh, Scarub, and Murs. These 6 altogether formed the Living Legends.

    Later in the years, they included Picasso, Aesop, and Arata.

    A sequence of events then gave us the current lineup after the 2016 reunion, including Aesop, Picasso, Eligh, Luckyiam, Murs, Scarub, Sunspot Jonz, and The Grouch. Aesop and Luckyiam are responsible for their vocals and the rest for both their vocals and the production.

    Living Legends Most Significant Music and Albums:

    The Living Legends focus on Indie Hip Hop music style. It is also known as Underground Hip hop where many independent artists come together, signed under, or not a label. The anti-commercial, positive, and socially conscious lyrics of indie hip hop is what gives them their audience.

    The following of American Living Legends has been garnered by recording, performing, and promoting themselves independently through Legendary Music.

    First Blast :

    Their first studio album was called Angelz WIT Dirty Faces, released in 2000 and under the hip hop genre combining both hardcore rap and underground rap. It included songs like The Controls, Wave the Flag, Dirty Faces, One-Two, Loose Cannon, Telepathy, etc.

    Second Album:

    Living Legends’ second studio album, called Almost Famous was released in 2001. The song peaked at 28th on the list of the CMJ Hip-Hop charts. Reviewing this, the AV Club’s Rabin said that however ironic and self-deprecating their moniker was, the title of their debut studio album showed that the supergroup was of legitimate underground hip hop heroes’.

    It had a total of 17 songs, featuring mostly Eligh, Sunspot Jonz, and The Grouch. Their singles included Gotta Question for Ya, Night Prowler, Anything You Want, That Looks Good, etc.

    Their Third Album:

    Creative Differences, released in 2004, was their 3rd studio album. This peaked at #28 in the Billboard Independent Albums chart.

    The album cover was just as exciting as the songs, giving a subtle “touching the tip of the hat” to The Brady Bunch. AllMusic rated this album 4 out of 5, providing well-appreciated looks to the pop influence, harmless rudeness, cross-cultural fearlessness, and no-rules aesthetic to their collective.

    The songs Creative Differences, Fill My Drink Up, Time to Ride, Awakening, Get It In Your Soul, It Might Be You, and Trust Me featured different artists, including Eligh, The Grouch, Scarub, Hectic, Bicasso, Sunspot Jonz, and The A.M.

    The last album so far

    The last studio album that we have from them is called Classic, released in 2005. The album was released under Legendary Music and it rose to 26th position on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums and 38th on the Independent Albums chart.

    PopMatters acknowledged how they lacked a common theme in a good way as each MC approached their parts in their blessed individual manner. Exclaim! I also claimed it to be a dope album to dance to the energetic beats of.

    Other than the members of the Living Legends such as Eligh, The Grouch, and Sunspot Jonz, the album included singers such as DJ Epik, Madlib, DJ Khalil, Bean One, and Kruse. Their popular songs were It’s Us, Busted, Man Who Sold the World Pt.2, Intro, Blast Your Radio, Brand New, Good Fun, The Deepest Breath, etc.

    They also had a couple of compilation albums besides their studio albums, including UHB I of 1996; UHB II released in the same year; UHB III: Against All Odds of 1997; UHB IV: Stop & Retaliate, released in 1999; and lastly, UHB V: Legacy 2099, released in 2002.

    Other than the UHB sequence, their other compilation albums include The Underworld, Crappy Old Shit, and The Four Track Avengers. The two most recent ones have been Legendary Music Volume 1 of 2006 and Legendary Music Volume 2 of 2008.

    Living legends Tour Info

    Always ahead of their game, our beloved MCs have been making new music that reflects their individuality now. To give us a taste of their talent, The Arise Music Festival is scheduled to provide musical and creative performances from many besides the Living Legends.

    The other artists include Thievery Corporation, Slightly Stoopid and Pepper from the rest. Be sure to peel your eyes out and watch the reunion of 90s Hip hop Supergroup: The Living Legends!


    In 2020, many of the concerts and music festivals are being postponed due to the corona outbreak, so do the living legend tours. However, you can still enjoy the amazing music from their channels or steaming system. Enjoy the music with living legends.