Top 10 Primary Rules of Basketball


    Do you love to play basketball? In recent times it is one of the most exciting games around the world. Dr. James Naismith is the inventor of this game. In the year 1891, the first game was played in Springfield College playground.

    Dr Naismith was a physical education professor, and he has invented this game for making his student fit. International Basketball Federation is responsible for making rules in any international match. No team will disobey the FIBA ruleset.

    In this article, we will discuss the top 10 rules of basketball. Let’s explore it out!

    10 Mandatory Basketball Rules:

    • The players can throw the ball in one hand, orthey can use both hands. A throw can be in any direction.
    • You can batt the ball in any direction. It canbe done by one hand or two hands.
    • It is prohibited to run with the ball. You willthrow it from one spot and others will catch it.
    • It would be best if you held the ball betweenthe hands. It is denied to use your body to keep it.
    • If you do any of these like striking, pushing,tripping to the opponent, then it will count as a foul. You will receive apunishment for it. Firstly, it will be a foul, and secondly, you willdisqualify for a specified period. It will be until the next basket is made.
    • Three consecutive fouls from any party will becount for a goal. The opposition party will get this goal.
    • We can count a goal when the ball is thrown fromthe playground into the selected basket.
    • If you throw the ball and it will go out of thefield. For relieving dispute, the umpire will throw the ball onto the ground ina quick time.
    • The umpire has the full control of the game, andhe is the judge. Now, if any team has scored three consecutive fouls, then theycan disqualify a player by following basketball rules.
    • The team who will be able to make the most score in the timeframe will be declared as a winner of this game.


    Basketball is one of the most popular games in the 20thcentury. It is played between two teams, and each team has 5 players. They oppose one another in a rectangular court. The interesting thing is here all the players have the same objectives to score by shooting a basketball into the opposite position’s hoop.

    A field goal will help you to earn two points here. International Basketball Federation was established in 1932. In the beginning, there were eight members, and they are Italy, Latvia, Greece, Argentina, Portugal, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Switzerland.

    In the beginning, they overawed the amateur players. Themen’s basketball was first demonstrated in Berlin in an Olympic Summer Games. The year was 1936. There were almost 23 countries who would like to participate in that tournament.

    Sadly, at the last moment, Hungary and Spain have withdrawn their name from the competition. In the year 1936, the United States has won the gold medal by defeating Canada in the Olympic games. The score was 19-8.

    What is the major equipment for playing basketball?

    Basketball is a simple game, and you do not need a lot of equipment here. Firstly, a ball is necessary for playing the game. It could be an ordinary soccer ball.

    The distance between the goal post and the court is 10 feet. We usually use a basket here. In the modern age, a hoop with the hanging net is using for goal scoring.

    Time limits

    The game is designed by four quarters and each quarter has10 minutes. Here, the first team will play one way for two quarters. On the other parts, they will play the next two.

    So you may have a question in your mind that what is the interval? Yes, it is two minutes between each part of the game. The players will have 15 minutes for half time.

    Fouls, free throws and Basketball game violations

    Firstly, there was no dribbling. It was added later to bring more diversity into the game. It was added in the year 1901. Dribbling can be introduced as continuous passages of the ball. In the year 1909, they have added a new role that, a player can dribble, and he is allowed to shoot.

    A player running with the ball and someone has ceased it, then it is considered to be foul. It is becoming a violation. If a player will strike the ball with a fist, that is also called a breach of the rules.

    Free throws were placed between 15 feet from the backboard. In the year, 1924 a law was introduced that is a player who received a foul will shoot his team’s free throws. In this process, there is a chance for the field goal attempt.

    An interesting thing is a basketball player will get 10seconds to fulfill a free throw. If this guy is unable to do it within 10seconds, the chance will have lost. So, in this case, he must have to be very active in throwing the ball quickly.

    There is a rule for free-throw violation. If he is unable to throw it up to the rim, basket, or backboard, then it will be a throw violation. In this case, the chance will go to the opposite party.

    Final Words

    Basketball is recognized as one of the oldest games in the history of the United States and North America. Now it is becoming popular all over the world. It is a funny game, and you will enjoy it. In a second, the game can be changed, and it can be said that it is a thrilling game.

    Here one team can have offensive and defensive rules in the game. From the above discussion, I believe that you got the basic rules of basketball as a learner. We have tried to discuss this easily. Hopefully, you will understand. Stay positive and  keep smiling.