Rare American Cars You Never Know


    Like the Italians and Germans, the American automobile industry also has a rich history of building fantastic cars. If you are a car enthusiast, you must know how the American automobile industry is dominating, but do you know about rare American vehicles?

    This automobile giant is known for producing cars for the mass, but many cars are manufactured as a limited edition. Some rare cars are extremely rare, and many automobile collectors or enthusiasts think that those cars never existed.

    This article will provide information about those rare cars used to be a jewel for automobile lovers and collectors.

    Top 5 Rare American Cars

    Here are the best rare American cars that will never fail to attract car enthusiasts. These cars were manufactured before decades, but these cars used to stand out when it comes to performance, and still today, they are in mint condition. American muscle cars are known for their performance, and when the muscle car is rare, it indeed has a lot of value among the rare car collectors.

    1969 Chevrolet Corvette ZL-1

    In the 60s, Chevrolet was banned from participating in the racing championship. General Motors proposed the ban. This banning means no official Chevrolet products will be allowed to participate in any racing activity. This is why Chevrolet started working from the backdoor to assist the racing teams.

    Around the late 60s, Canadian-American called for a racing competition for prototype class cars with V8 engines. Chevrolet wanted to utilize this opportunity. In the year 1969, Chevrolet came up with ZL-1, an all-aluminum ride high revving, 7.0-liter V8 engine with up to 550 HP.

    Back in that time, Chevrolet Corvette ZL-1 could beat any other car competing it. Chevrolet didn't want this monster car to be in mass production; hence they made only two hundred pieces. Chevrolet destroyed the rest of the Cars they produced because they were pre-production prototypes.

    Only two ZL-1 could make their way out into the hand of people. At that time, it was 4000$, and today the estimated price is around 1 million dollars.

    1971 Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible

    After 1969 the regulation for muscle car racing started to change. The government was becoming more concerned about environmental factors and many other issues. The power of a muscle car is its main strength and the selling point.

    The government regulation affected the industry for muscle cars as the regulations made the powered design of a muscle car weak. Yet, in 1970 and 1971, the demand for muscle cars was at its peak. The market was full of the latest models of muscle cars. The GTO took place in the market at that time when all the monster cars were rolling.

    Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible was dominating the market, but there were so many competitors that the sales fall. Pontiac announced their prevalent Judge version in 1969 and carried on their production till 1971.

    The Pontiac GTO Judge was a monster muscle car with a powerful 455 V8 engine. But all the features and excellent look made the car a bit expensive for its time. That is the key reason why Pontiac produced only 17 pieces of cars. This is what made the car very rare, and many people still believe that this car was a myth.

    1971 Plymouth Barracuda 426 Hemi Convertible

    Plymouth Baracuda 426 Hemi Convertible is a car that everyone dreamed of having. It used to be very popular but rare to find. Plymouth was the brand that came up with Barracuda at first. This brand does not exist anymore, but they were a highly respected brand for making muscle cars.

    In 1971 the second last Barracuda came into the market. This Barracuda was a remake of the first one that came in 1970. Later they came up with the third and last model of Barracuda that featured a 425 horsepower engine known as Hemi Barracuda.

    Hemi Barracuda was not produced in mass. The manufacturer produced only seven-piece of this model. Till today, it was not produced in mass, but since the engine was powerful, they sold the engine in the market. The last Barracuda was sold in 2008 for 4.1 million dollars.

    1967 Dodge Coronet R/T Convertible Hemi 426

    Dodge Coronet was introduced in 1955. Back in the time, it was the coolest car known for its high trim level. The model of 1955 was a full-size car, which was redesigned and came out as a mid-size family car offered with different levels of engines.

    Later dodge introduced a version of R/T with better trim in a coupe body. This became instantly popular in the market. As you can get a 426 Hemi engine or 440 V8. But this car was very rare at that time. Dodge cornet R/T gave a hard competition to Pontiac and other crazy muscle cars. But there were only two pieces that were produced by the manufacturer.

    Till today there was no car produced, so less like Dodge Coronet. And now car collectors are willing to million dollars, but this car is like a legend that existed ones.

    1954 Oldsmobile F-88

    At the end of the post-war recession, the car industry was flourishing with production and sales both. 1950 was the best year for the flourishing car industry in America. The flourishing market was booming for the automobile industry. The car manufacturer started to take bold steps by making cars of exotic and futuristic shapes.

    At the same time, the Oldsmobile F-88 was introduced. This was the most remarkable car for its design and powerful performance. Car manufacturer produces prototypes just to get to the market to showcase their car in the racing circuit. Once the race is over, the manufacturer destroys the car, but F-88 skipped it.

    Oldsmobile created two vehicles using an extended chassis of the corvette. They used the 324 V8 engine designed to be light but powerful. And now it is covered by glasses in the Colorado museum.

    Final Word

    The American automobile industry has written its name in history. The remarkable muscle cars from the 1950s and till today they are making excellent cars that are game-changer in the market. This article has just listed five rare American cars, but there are more than you can find by thorough research.

    What was made back in the 1950s is still lingering in the memory of car critics and enthusiasts, and that's how those care became unforgettable no matter how rare they are. Rare American cars are rare because they were not produced for mass, but these cars will forever exist in someone's memory.