Dodge's announcement to leave NASCAR in the month of August in 2012 had brought a lot of questions. One major query everyone had was- why did Dodge leave NASCAR?

    There were several conspiracy theories. Many people had theories related to back-stabbing deal-making as well. However, the reasons behind such a separation are not as simple. There were several reasons why Dodge left NASCAR.

    Despite the previous situation, many still believe that Dodge still can come back to NASCAR in the near future. Here's what you need to know about such an incidental event in NASCAR in 2012 and what the future holds for Dodge and NASCAR.

    Why did Dodge Leave NASCAR: 2 Important Questions to Answer

    The primary reason behind Dodge leaving NASCAR in 2012 was the failure of the manufacturer. In 1999, NASCAR was able to spread its projects through top personalities. However, it failed to replicate the feat, which eventually caused Dodge to leave NASCAR.

    Why could Dodge not find any prominent team to sign?

    When Dodge was looking for a top-level team where they could spend their money on, they wanted to focus on research and development experience. However, the approval process took too long to complete. As a result, Dodge could not sign with Penske and lost Toyota, Chevrolet, and many more.

    As a result, the revenue scheme of Dodge has been on the decline. In the end, Dodge was able to bag some top team in its arsenal. However, due to the lack of top drivers, Dodge decided to leave it all behind. Therefore, it is inevitably clear that Dodge had very few chances in the NASCAR to sustain with a skillful and prominent team.

    Moreover, the unavailability of suitable partners, teams, and drivers caused them to leave NASCAR. There were politics, corporate espionage, and disapproving parent of Europe. Nevertheless, Dodge's major problem could not find any prominent team or driver to sign for them.

    What kind of competition did Dodge face in the market?

    One of the major problems Dodge faced is the competition by Penske and its drivers. Dodge had very slight chances to defeat Penske in any competition with the kind of track record the drivers of Penske had.

    The options that Dodge had also were not necessarily static. Richard Petty Motorsports and Izod IndyCar Series were the 2 options for Dodge to team up with. However, Petty had a long history of rivalry with Dodge. Therefore, the association was a stumbling block there.

    On the other hand, association with IndyCar was more of desperation than anything else. Eventually, Dodge could not find any prospective team in the market to associate with.

    The Impact of Dodge Leaving NASCAR

    No matter what the reasons are, Dodge eventually pulled their plug from NASCAR. This left a huge impact on the face of the competition.

    Larger manufacturers like Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Honda have joined NASCAR. However, Dodge has endured severity in NASCAR. This has left other brands wondering about the many possibilities of outcomes.

    Furthermore, many domestic brands used to make the competition highly competitive in the past. Domestic manufacturers like Buick, Mercury, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile were highly competitive once before Dodge left NASCAR.

    As a result, the competition declined, and insecurity arose in NASCAR since Dodge has left. Many experts still believe that there is hope for Dodge to return to NASCAR. However, it does seem highly unlikely for Dodge to return after almost a decade.

    What the Future Holds for Dodge in NASCAR

    In 2001, Dodge reentered the Spirit Cup Competition. They did it by hiring the top crew chief of sport, Ray Evernham. He built a long-term legacy with Dodge. It can easily be expected of Dodge to hire similar legends who can build the legacy again. Possibly, in NASCAR this time.

    Even today, when teams go to negotiations or contract renewal with manufacturers like Ford or Chevrolet, Dodge's name comes up. There is always a rumor in the air that teams are looking to contract with Dodge. You never know, someday that might become true on its own merit.

    Similarly, many top drivers have been in rumor to have discussed possible team up with Dodge. Famous drivers, men, and women have been speculated to be in the discussion of the possible association with Dodge when their contract had been expired. Again, Dodge has significant possibilities to negotiate and recruit skilled drivers to get back on track.

    One of the most prominent strategies Dodge could undertake now is going back to the basics. Since the departure of Dodge, NASCAR has been losing its brand value. Dodge can invest fairly a moderate amount in NASCAR as there is a new Ram truck in the market.

    NASCAR should shift to manufacturer-supplier crate engines to boost the new Truck series in the competition. This will lead to a huge cost-cut and increase the brand value of the series. Moreover, it will provide NASCAR with a new brand identity.

    One of the crucial reasons behind the failure of the crate of The American Speed Association was the inclination towards using General Motor Engines. Moving away from it with Dodge's help can really open a newer dimension for both Dodge and NASCAR.

    Dodge also has some holes to be filled. They must ensure generating excitement with their newest Viper GTS-R. The rally competition is a huge opportunity for Dodge with their new Dart.


    Many experts theorized that Dodge could have been back to NASCAR in 2014. Six years later, things are still the same. Since their departure, Dodge never really had the scope to team up with potential manufacturers and drivers to return to NASCAR.

    If we still search answer for the question- why did Dodge leave NASCAR, the answer will remain the same with the unavailability of opportunities. Nevertheless, if one major player from NASCAR decides to commit to Dodge, we can experience the return everyone has been waiting for.