Soccer magic spray


    Globalization and the increasing competition had forced the sports-oriented companies to bring in innovation. Wearable technologies for performance measurement, Video Assistant Referee, Goal-line technology, Professional Athletic Equipments, and much more falls under this radar. And in this context, the medical diagnosis and treatment take up a very important place.

    Speaking of which!!

    Whenever there’s an injury on the field or when the players get a knock from the opponent, we see the team doctor rushing into the field with their medical kit and apply a transparent soccer magic spray after a super-fast initial diagnosis. Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, your mind has certainly pondered over this question.

    What Is the Soccer Magic Spray Made Of?

    Magic spray or otherwise called soccer injury spray is a skin anaesthetic made out of ethyl chloride. In medical terms, it is known as a ‘topical anaesthetic’. The ethyl chloride is used as a spray and applied to the wounded area as a temporary form of treatment. In fact, most team doctors use in as an on-field treatment for minor muscle injuries.

    Besides, you may also ask other questions like…

    How does the Magic Spray Work?

    The ethyl chloride works as an excellent coolant. And so, it works as a great numbing agent for a temporary form of injuries. Usually, players get knocks from the opposition team while playing for a long time, and that affects the muscles in a bad way.

    So, all team doctors keep these sprays in their medical kit to use it for on-field use. For its spectacular usage, people also refer to it as ‘vapour coolant spray’ or in simpler terms - cold spray soccer.

    It’s safe to say that ethyl chloride is considered as a non-drug which means it has been cleared for use for on-field treatment. Besides, temporary muscle injuries can be treated with soccer freeze sprays because, when it applied on the skin, it creates an instant numbness in the injured area. It allows the player to carry on the game for the time being until the effects of the spray wear off.

    Are Magic Sprays Effective?

    Well, obviously, yes. If it wasn’t effective enough, it would never be able to clear the players on the field to continue playing. And besides, the sprays had been tested in other pain symptoms for it to be used in soccer games.

    Usually, players are able to deliver on the field until the effects of the spray wear off. The effect stays from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the strength of the numbing agent in use. Injured players receive treatment as soon as they get off the field or as soon as the game ends. So, soccer freeze sprays are not created to last for a very long time.

    How to Use Soccer Magic Spray?

    Freeze sprays are made to be applied on the skin only using a standard procedure. Usually, the spray container should be held 3 to 9 inches (8 to 23 centimetres) away from the skin on the wounded area. Spray the wounded place while holding the can in an upright position.

    For the best result, spray it on the wounded area for 4 to 10 seconds. Above all, it is recommended to take the help of a health professional while doing this.

    Other than minor injuries, major ones require more attention and may require immediate numbing to reduce the impact of the pain for the time being. In that case, the container should be held upright about 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 centimetres) away from the injured place.

    Ask the healthcare professional attending your injury to spray it in a circular motion while covering 4 inches (10.2 centimetres) per second. This should be done until the muscle relaxes a bit, and the pain is relieved.

    Also, beware that ethyl chloride is an extremely flammable compound. So, make sure not to use it near any place that has fire around. Besides that, avoid spraying in open places of the body like raw cuts, broken skin, inside the nose or the eyes, etc. Avoid inhaling the spray as it may cause irritation or trigger allergies if you have any such conditions.

    How Much Magic Spray Is Okay?

    4 to 10 seconds spray is good enough for minor injuries but, more can be applied if the case is much severe than that. It has been observed from the experiment that the temperature of the skin, muscles, and the joint drops down once the cold spray for soccer is applied.

    In fact, the temperature continues to drop even after stopping the spray to an extent when the muscle starts to relax and stretch out again.

    The temperature drops in the muscles help to increase the blood flow in those areas significantly, which allows the muscle to get stretched again. It should be noted that the temperature drop impacts the motor nerves if it comes down to around 18 degree Celsius.

    Besides, 18 degree Celsius the baseline temperature for ideal blood flow in the muscles. Any more or any less than that can bring visible impact on the performance.

    To Wrap It Up

    Cooling small areas on the surface of the body using soccer magicspray seems an attractive approach to treating temporary injury problems. Also, it is a smart and innovative solution for on-field treatment.

    Even though there is little scientific evidence that shows its effectiveness, most healthcare professionals are inclined to using it for treating minor injuries.

    Since it creates a sense of visible relief from pain, it is preferred not only by doctors but by a wide range of people across other platforms other than soccer.