Types Of Basketball Position


    Basketball is a popular indoor game and people from North America are becoming crazy about this game. It is played between two teams and each team will have five players. They will oppose one another in a rectangular court. The main objective of these two teams is to shoot the basketball into the targeted defender’s hoop. It is almost 10 fit highs. Today we will discuss the different types of Basketball positions. Let’s explore the craziness of this game.

    A simple overview of different Basketball positions

    Normally we know that there are five common positions in basketball. They are shooting guard, point guard, center, small forward, and power forward. We can call point guard the leader in the court. He should have the great substantial ball moving skills and should be smart enough to facilitate the opposition team. The shooting guard should have the ability to shoot at a long distance. The small forward should carry the aggressive mentality in case of managing the ball from the opposition. He can create the opportunity for shooting the ball. Here, the power forward and center will control the frontcourt. They have the responsibility to work as a primary blocker for the opposition team. In the center, it contains a larger area so here the player should be more energetic than others.

    Now let’s discuss them in details

    Point Guard

    We can recognize the point guard as the most expert player in the case of ball-handling and passing. He needs to pass the most of the ball. A tall and energetic can be best suitable for this position. A point guard needs to be good at short passing and should act as fast as possible. The major duty of a point guard is to read the weakness and defense of the opposition so that he can easily break into that defense. Analyzing your opinion is the main part of any international game. A brilliant point guard can help the most number of assists in case of scoring and he is responsible for increasing the efficiency of the team. Assisting a goal can make the major difference between him and other players.

    Shooting Guard

    Sometimes we call shooting guard as off guard. He can act as a wing for the common tactics. Their playing role can be described as a three-point range or it could be a long-mid range. A shooting guard should have the major skills of circulating the three-point line. The interesting thing is they have the skills or get in an open space. The ability to communicate with other players is the key to win any match. If it lacks any team, then they will miss the major chances to make a score. The player who is playing the role of a shooting guard will not only shoot the ball but also be a smart defender for the team. He should have an attack and defend at the same time within the game. A smart and energetic shooting guard will have good passing skills as well as ball-handling skills.

    Small Forward

    They are not the main ball handler but can play an important role in the game. A small forward should have great dribbling skills. He needs to protect his team from the opposition. It is not a scoring position but if a small forward player can score for the team that will be the added advantage for the team. For a greater result sometimes a coach can change the small forward and shooting guard. It can happen in any special case if the team demands that. The extra-ordinary quality that the coach will look for a small guard is a long pass and then drive it into the basket of the opposition. Sometimes they need to swing the others and should play a vital role in defending the opposition.

    Power Forward

    All of a sudden the power forward will play the same role as a central player. We can describe the power forward as the most powerful and dependent scorer of the team. He should be able to do a mid-range shot like almost 15 feet from the basket. In the case of defending they need to guard the bigger players so that they will not be able to make any score. In the short form, we call power forward as PF. They need to be versatile and smart in the centers. The height of a power forward should be over 6 feet so that he can easily score for the team and block the opposition in any serious cases.


    The center player will play near the baseline. When the coach will select the player for the team he should pick the tallest player here. It will provide him some extra advantages to defend and score for the team. Traditionally this position has some importance like he can block any serious attack of the opposition. The center player should have a package of everything like height, scoring ability, dribbling, and defending capability to stop the opposition. If it is needed sometimes the coach can change the center player for the best output of the game.

    Which position is the most challenging one?

    Here every position has its importance to make a score. Basketball is a team game so the team has to perform to win the game. If the team combination is not good, then it will be impossible to win the game from the opposition. From my point of view Point Guard is the most challenging position here. He should take the responsibility to make a score for the team and should have some versatile skills.

    Last few words

    Whichever position you are playing for your team dedication is an important thing here. Without appropriate skills, you cannot defeat the opposition. I hope you have clearly understood various basketball positions and then make yourself fit for a suitable position that you are aiming for. Be healthy and practice well to succeed in the game. If you like to know more about basketball positions then please comment here or directly mail to us.