6 Ways to Know If Your Kid Is Good at Hockey


    People show their hidden talents in the early morning. It is better to let one's talent decide one's destination.So you want to know if your son really plays hockey well. Would it be right to make your child a hockey player? Or does your toddler want to be a pro player? Then let's check out these few facts. It will help you to tell if your kid is good at hockey or does he have a bright future in this career.

    6 Ways to Know If Your Kid Is Good at Hockey?

    Morning shows the day. As a parent, it is your responsibility to figure out your child's strong side. Let's see how you can find out if your kid is good at hockey.

    A: Know About His Interests

    Try to figure out your kid's interest. If your kid is interested in playing this game, he may shine in the future. There are a few ways to find out his attraction to hockey.

    1. Numbering the Game:

    It is the easiest way to know his thoughts. Let him evaluate hockey out of ten. But the numbering totally depends upon your toddler. So, firstly know about his marking style and range of numbering. Say 0 indicates no fun, and 10 means most fun. Start with some random things. Include somethings he hates most and also somethings he loves to do. Then calculate the average number he gives usually. Now ask him about hockey. If he likes it, he will give it more than the average mark. And depending on the number he has given, you can be able to say how much he likes the game.

    2. How Much Is He Involved?

    Are your kids engaged in practicing? Do they participate in the game? If the answers are yes, then he is interested in hockey. Because kids do not want to do things they hate. Remember, do not mess up tiredness with unwillingness. Another thing is if most of the kids are not engaged, then the problem is with the system or coach.

    3. Is He Willing to Play?

    If your kid is willing to play the game by his self, then he or she must love it. Kids do the things they like to do from their self thrust. They do not have to be pushed to do that. He will show his enthusiasm and energy for this game. No matter if he wins or loses.

    4. Caring about Hockey:

    See how much your child cares about hockey. If he is interested, he will care about giving his best and also about the whole team's performance. He will not stay upset for a long period because of losing the game. It is a thing of worry if he does not care about the performance of the team at all.

    5. Does he love to practice?

    If your kid finds fun in practicing hockey, then he will not miss the sessions. On the other hand, boys find it irritating will not hesitate to miss any of the schedules.

    B: How Is His Physique?

    Fitness and size is a big issue in hockey. Hockey-scouts prefer guys having a bigger size. So if your kid tends to be longer, it is a plus point for him. Boys become physically mature in their sixteens can join major junior.

    C: Know His Skills

    There are some important skills in playing hockey. Look for these skills in your child. And decide if he is good at playing this or not.

    1. Skating:

    Fast and smooth skating are important in hockey. So if your son can skate well, he may play well. Skating well while keeping the stick is important.

    2. Receiving:

    Can your kid receive a pass nicely? They n he is a potential hockey payer.

    3. Hitting:

    How your boy hits the ball also shows his quality. Hitting hard but accurately is a great skill. If he can do this with skating well, definitely he is going to be a pro hockey player.

    4. Passing:

    Watch how your son passes the ball towards you. How is his measurement of speed and direction? You can see his talent through this.

    5. Holding the stick:

    Properly holding the stick will catch the coach's and scouts' sight.

    D: Is He Talented by Born?

    Having talents mean the kid can do more than his peers.Some kids are extra-ordinary. They can skate before learning to tie the laces. Or some children can skate very fast and smoothly. These are gifts from God and are very important in ice-hockey. So if the toddler has these skills, that means he is a potential hockey player. If you can properly nurse the talent, he will be a pro in the future. But nursing talent is the hardest part. Do not get overwhelmed by his activities and praise him too much. Otherwise, his mindset will be fixed, thinking himself the best. And that lessens his courage to learn from players around him.Talents are not everything. Only thirty percent of the children showing skills in early ages play hockey later in leagues. Others lose themselves over time.

    E: Does He Love To Practice Hard?

    Your kid can be efficient and excellent by practicing hard. It also boosts up the talents.Skating, shooting, and passing are important skills in this game. You can improve them under proper coaching and guidance. Through practicing more and more, fast reflex and muscle memory can be achieved. And by practicing more, he can learn how to play the game as a team. So if your boy or girl is sincere in practicing and listening to the coach, he or she can be a rising star in hockey. It also shows his eagerness towards hockey. So it is more important to be sincere in practicing than being talented. You can not change your talents. But it can increase the skill by practicing.

    F: Discuss with The Coach/Mentor

    Discuss with the coach or mentor about your child's performance. Know how he performs in friendly matches. And also ask about what mindset your kid shows among the players in practice and games. The coach can say the best about your boy's skills, his strong and weak points.

    In A Nutshell

    Ask yourself these questions-

      • Does your kid love hockey?
      • Is he coachable and having a teachable spirit?
      • Is he a good teammate?
      • Is he responsible?
    If these answers are positive, then he has a good future in hockey. Now all the things he needs are practicing hard and good coaching. So, coach him properly to bring out his best and encourage him. But never push him or pressurize him. Let him learn with fun.

    Now Decide

    Now you know everything you should. Judge from your sight and discuss it with a pro player. And decide if your son is good at hockey or not.