ALive radio is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, whether we are talking about the simple audio song or whether we are referring to audio-on-demand. iHeartradio is the most evident proof of this, a company that offers audio streaming service.

    However, streaming in iHeartradio does not always proceed smoothly, due to the irritating problem is known as cutting out or dropping (i.e. when audio is switched off due to disconnection.)

    Why does iHeartradio Keep Cutting Out?

    This can happen for various reasons. The most common problem is the slow internet. Maybe your internet connection is too slow for the bitrate that the radio station transmits. Some channels have different channels from 48kbits to 128kbits. If the link doesn't have enough bandwidth to run the radio signal, it drops continuously.

    You are still listening to your favorite internet radio station and have noticed that the transmission stops after 30 to 60 minutes? Or any certain time?

                  It could be that you are "thrown out" by the radio station after a set time.

    The internet radio - listener numbers have risen sharply in the last ten years. Also, more and more listeners always have better technical conditions and therefore listen longer:

    1. A flat rate that does not incur any additional costs.
    2. WLAN at home and LTE on the go on the smartphone
    3. More and more potential receivers

    The listeners are more and more inclined to run Internet radio (as usual before FM) throughout the day. The operator of the transmitter are directly rising costs. The more listeners he has and the longer they listen, the higher the data traffic volume.

    In front of these rising costs, many a broadcaster tries to protect himself by kicking out the long-term listeners after a set time (for example, 60 minutes). But you can restart the stream. The new generation devices have circumvented this problem by automatically re-dial themselves when the stream breaks off.

    Can Cutting Out be Overcome?

    Try these four useful tips to get ready to enjoy your songs in peace (assuming that you need a good internet connection, you can't escape this).

    1 - Limit the Connections

    Your router, however new, is anything but omnipotent. That little device has to "sort" the internet traffic between all the devices connected to it, and they are often more than you think.

    Even if you share the apartment with just two other people, it is possible that between laptops, smartphones, tablets, consoles, your router also has to support ten devices simultaneously. In simple words: the higher the number of devices, the slower the connection speed. Then disconnect all devices that do not currently require an internet connection.

    2 - Clean the Cache

    Whenever you use the internet, some data is temporarily saved. This happens because if you have to revisit those pages, the system would be able to access those data more efficiently, reducing loading times. This memory area is called a cache and undoubtedly offers excellent service.

    However, the cache also keeps in mind "pieces" of the internet that may never serve us again. The consequence is that all those files downloaded from your browser can cause them to slow down, with repercussions on the performance of audio playback.

    The simplest solution then is to do a bit of cleaning in your browser, which is canceling the history of the pages visited in the past.

    3 – Update the App

    Sometimes the app itself if the problem. An outdated app can cause these types of issues.

    Usually, iHeartradio keeps improving the app with every update. So, to get uninterrupted streaming to get an updated version of the app.

    4 – Reinstall the App

    If the app installation is not appropriately done, and there is any bug, it can act abnormally. Uninstall the app and reinstall to make it work properly.

    Bottom Line

    Hopefully, these tips will solve your problem and make your iHeartradio works uninterruptedly.