Why Doesn’t Wisconsin Have Any NHL Team?


    Wisconsin is a well-known state for hockey players in America. Many players have grown here. That’s why it is known as the home of hockey players. Besides, Wisconsin is popular for three other sports. Those are football, baseball, and basketball.

    Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin. Milwaukee has an ice hockey team that is more professional. Its name is Milwaukee Admirals. The previous name of the Admirals was Milwaukee Wings.

    The Admirals became a part of in International Hockey League in the 1977-78 season. Till 2001, they had been with IHL. Then from 2001 to present, they joined the American Hockey League. In this article, we have focused on why doesn’t Wisconsin Have any NHL team.

    The Nearest Market of NHL Team Around Wisconsin

    In America, there have many hockey teams. Those teams are more professional and energetic. Chicago and Minneapolis are the nearest markets to Wisconsin. There was a large fan of the hockey team. In Chicago and Minneapolis, there also have baseball, football, and basketball sports.

    Along with these all sports, they are continuing with the hockey team successfully. The National Hockey League name in Chicago is Chicago Blackhawks’. The NHL team name of Minneapolis is Minnesota Wild. These teams are more strong and competent.

    Minnesota is the number 1 team among all the hockey teams in America. Some notable players in Minnesota are Zack Parise, David Backs, Erik Johnson. The Chicago Blackhawks had played for 65 years at Chicago Stadium. The notable players in Chicago Blackhawks are Craig Anderson, Brett Lebda, and Joe Corvo.

    Reasons Behind Having no NHL Team in Wisconsin

    Wisconsin has a college team whose name is Wisconsin Badgers. As there have two strong markets of hockey teams close to Wisconsin, it was never any chance to have an NHL team. Because the Chicago and Minneapolis earn a significant profit from these teams.

    Having an NHL team in Wisconsin may have some impacts on their profits. And also, the related bodies don’t take any strong initiative for this.

    Another reason is that the Milwaukee Admirals are not more competent to play with the other NHL teams. If they have that quality, there would have any possibility of playing as an NHL team.

    And basically, Milwaukee doesn’t have a large and enough arena and a willing owner. A willing owner is must pay for all the initiatives and take the responsibilities. For starting an NHL team, there also has no proper media coverage.

    The big reason is that the strong teams are very close to Wisconsin. They don’t want to increase their competitors who are near to them. That’s why they don’t support to build an NHL team in Wisconsin. Any powerful and willing owner should have to take the steps for this. But nobody came to support this.

    Final Words

    The markets think that Wisconsin has no capability of running an NHL team. That’s why they don’t want to take any initiatives willingly for the NHL expansion in Wisconsin. Though Wisconsin has no NHL team, they have experienced and famous IHL teams.