Worst Injuries in NFL History


    Well, injury is an irresistible part of physical sports. We have to accept it. American football or NFL is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, with a higher injury rate.

    If you want to play it, you must need to be sturdy and strong. Pile-ups, head-to-head contact is very common issue here. Though the NFL (National Football League) always takes advanced player safety precautions, many famous players have been injured in this sport.

    Look away now if you have a weak stomach because now, 888seats going to make a list of the worst injuries in NFL history. This will give you an idea of how severe a sport can be.

    5 Worst Injuries in NFL History:

    There are numerous examples of injuries in NFL history. Sometimes, players even experience even life-threatening and career-ending injuries also.

    Among those, here we are going to list the top 5 worst injuries in NFL history. So, get ready for goosebumps.


    Mike Utley

    Utley was one of the most skilled and strong defenders in the history of the National Football League. He used to play all the games for Detroit Lions in 1991.

    In November 1991, a disaster happened to him. It was a match against the Los Angeles Rams where Mike Utley was hit, and he couldn’t move. Though he was trying to be okay even, he showed thumbs up to his fans so that they could understand nothing had happened.

    However, the scene was different when his medical report was revealed. The report said that he broke his cervical vertebra and will be paralyzed anytime.


    Joe Theismann

    This player’s injury was one of the most terrifying and notable injuries ever in NFL history. This happened in 1985 where Joe Theismann was the quarterback and was hit by the legendary player Lawrence Taylor.

    As the match was telecasting live on television, thousands of people witnessed the scene. In that match, multiple defender coverage was on him.

    Lawrence Taylor pulled down Theismann, and Taylor fell onto his right leg, by which the leg was snapped like a breadstick. It was a compound fracture, and his leg’s bone was stuck through his skin.

    After that, Joe Theismann never played football, and this injury has become an infamous history of the National Football League.


    Kevin Everett

    He was a good player of The Buffalo Bills till 2007. A sudden accident had ruined his career. In the last week of September 2007, he played a match against the Denver Broncos.

    In that match, he tried to tackle against one of their players Domenik Hixon but got an injury in his neck. Eventually, he fell to the ground and got unconscious.

    The medical report revealed that his cervical spine was fractured and dislocated, which was the last match of his career. However, now he is mostly recovered.


    Ronnie Lott

    Ronnie Lott was one of the most famous players of his time, which was the 80s and 90s for his physical style of play. During a game in 1985 with Dallas Cowboys, an awkward collision had occurred, which crushed his pinky under his chest.

    His finger almost came off on the field – left bone and flesh fragments on the field. As the finger was filled with the pins, it was not sure whether the finger would be recovered or not.

    Due to long recovery time, Ronnie Lott decided to amputate his pinky finger above the first joint to continue his playing, at least for one more decade.


    Darryl Stingley

    Head, hand, and neck injuries are like courses of American football. Almost every player faces these injuries. However, among these, the injury of Darryl Stingley is one of the worsts.

    On 12th August 1978, he was playing for New England Patriots. He had to take a pass which was also tried to receive by the opponent player Jack Tatum. Then he headed to hit at full steam, and the collision occurred.

    Darryl Stingley had fallen on the ground and couldn’t move – two of his vertebrae were severely damaged due to a hit, and he had no feeling on all of his limbs. After that, Darryl Stingley developed quadriplegia for a lifetime.


    Wrapping Up:

    In NFL history, there are almost uncountable injuries. In some cases, the injuries ended up many players’ careers. On the other hand, some of them had amazing recoveries even after the gruesome injuries.

    Here, we have searched throughout history to bring you the top 5 worst injuries in NFL history of all time. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have got an intensive idea about the severity of the injuries in American football.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    There are many frequently asked questions regarding this topic. Here are the most relevant and significant FAQs which are asked most times:

    Has Any NFL Player Died From Injury?

    In 1971, the lion’s Chuck Hughes died of a heart attack during a game at the Tigers stadium. It was one of the most horrifying moments in sports history as around 54000 fans watched it.


    What Sport Has The Most Deaths?

    Besides, swimming, cycling, running, and skydiving also have higher death records. For instance, swimming has a 1.77 death rate per 1,00,000, and in cycling, the death rate is 1.08 per 100,000.


    Has Any NFL Player Been Paralyzed?

    The answer is yes. Five players in NFL history have been paralyzed during the game. They are Mike Utley, Darryl Stingley, Reggie Brown, Dennis Byrd, and Everett.


    What Was The Worst Injury in NFL History?

    In 1985, on a Monday football night, the most gruesome and worst injury had seen the football fans live telecasted on television. Joe Theismann, a quarterback player of Washington Redskins was hit by the legendary player of New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor.


    Do Players Get Paid When Injured?

    Besides, if any player is injured when s/he is not on duty, then most of the cases, clubs only pay the basic salary for a year.