The 10 Worst NFL Injuries Of All-Time


    NFL is the most popular sport in the United States of America. Though it is the most popular sport, the NFL is also a sport known for fatal injuries. As players often have to collide with each other, the chances of injury rise. The worst NFL injuries are the unforgettable moments of the NFL. Like people remember the best goals, they also remember the worst football injuries of all time. In this article, we will mention a few of the biggest NFL injuries of all time that many of us can recall. There are many things to learn about these injuries and increase our awareness in the field. You can always study the mistake of great athletes to avoid the worst injuries and be safe.

    The 10 Worst NFL injuries of all time

    Here are the 10 worst pro bowl injuries that have given football lovers a few unforgettable memory and fear of playing football. But every memorable injury gave us a lesson to be more aware and not repeat the same mistake. Let's see the 10 worst NFL injuries of all time.


    1. Napoleon McCallum Worst American Football Injuries (1994)

    At around the 80s and 90s, people all over the country used to wait for Monday NFL games on television. And one Monday, millions of spectators and football lovers witnessed the horrific injury of Raider's primary running back. Yes! It was none other than Napoleon McCallum, and his career-ending injury left everyone baffled. The tackle was made by Ken Norton Jr. Napoleon McCallum's leg was hyperextended. The injury was horrible, but no one probably had the idea about how bad the injury was. McCallum suffered and had

    • Extensive nerve damage
    • Torn three ligaments in the knee and two of his calf
    • Ruptured artery in the left knee
    • Went through surgery and almost lost his legs

    In that injury, he had to go through six surgeries. People never got to see him again on the field as he never played football also.


    2. Johnny Knox (2011)

    Sometimes we don't get to see how bad the injury can be in a simple football game. The real factors of injury come out when we see the replays very slow. The injury of Johnny Knox is an example of it. It has shaken the core of many football lovers. It was a late-season game, and they were playing against Seattle hawk. Johnny Knox was struggling to get the ball while he collided with the defense. The collision ended in seconds that looked like a hard bashing tackle. When you see it slow, you can see how bad the injury was. Johnny Knox was bent in half but in the wrong way. His back almost touched his tailbone. Johnny Knox suffered for

    • Multiple vertebrae fractures
    • Nerve damage
    • And went through a spinal fusion surgery

    This young athlete's promising career was over, and since then, he could never play again.


    3. Darryl Stingley (1978)

    The ending of an excellent career can be truly heartbreaking, especially when the athlete is young and one of the team's highest-paid jewel. The injury of Daryl Stingley was one injury that has broken the heart of many. It was a preseason game of the New England Patriot Vs. The Raiders. The most fearsome tough hitter Jack Tatum took a hit on Darryl while he was trying to catch a through. The hit was on his shoulder, but Darryl Stingley was badly injured. The devasted Tatum, aka "The Assasin," made Darryl suffer for

    • Compression of his spinal cord
    • Broke two of his vertebrae

    Darryl was motionless on the field and was not able to move his arms and legs. The injury caused him to become paralyzed, and he passed away in 2007.


    4. Joe Theismann (1985)

    In a Monday night game of 1985, another memorable injury occurred in a match of The Washington redskins vs. New York Giants. The famous quarterback of Washington Redskin Joe Theismann was hit by the star linebacker of New York Giants Lawrence Taylor. The hit was something to remember forever. It was the most gruesome injury of that decade. The leg of Joe has broken apart like a match stick. His leg was broken from the middle, and according to Joe, he was not feeling anything below his knees. Joe suffered for

    • A compound fracture
    • Bone ripping out of his skin
    • Multiple surgeries

    Joe Theismann could never play again after recovering from the injury.


    5. Rashad Johnson (2013)

    This is probably the strangest injury of all time. Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lost the tip of his middle finger. He did not realize that he lost his middle finger's tip until he took off his gloves. In an interview, he said he didn't even know how it all happened. His gloves were intact as well since there was no sign of being broken. He went through surgery and got back in the field as soon as he recovered.


    6. Destry Wright Injury (2000)

    In NFL, many young athletes lost their careers to injuries. Nothing can be as unfortunate as such injury that ends the bright career of young and rising stars. The injury of Destry Wright is a story like that. In one preseason game with Dallas Cowboys, Wright got badly injured. The injury was gruesome and unfortunate. Wright was fallen on the field when his angle was twisted and facing the opposite direction. Destry Wright Suffered for

    • Sever Twist and dislocation of the ankle
    • Broken right leg
    • Several surgeries

    Destry wright could never play again after this injury. He had to retire from playing football, and this injury became one of the worst NFL injuries.


    7. Jeff Fuller Injury (1989)

    The match was between New England Patri and San Francisco 49ers at the stadium of Stanford University. In a tackle, Jeff Fuller's helmet has collided with the helmet of an opponent player. His body and head fell on another opponent player. His head bounced like there was no bone. He was on both of his knees when his upper body was collapsed backward like a ragdoll. Jeff Fuller suffered for

    • Broken neck
    • partially paralysis
    • Arm paralysis after recovery

    After the injury, Fuller could never play. He recovered and could walk but one of his arm remained fully paralyzed.


    8. Bo Jackson Injury (1991)

    Bo Jackson was the most diverse American athlete. He was playing baseball and American football and made his name among the all-star record. Bo was playing as a running back for Los Angels Raiders. In the game, bo Jackson was running with the ball when he got involved in a deadly tackle. Bo Jackson suffered for

    • Broken and dislocation of the hip bone
    • Losing all the cartilage of his hip

    Bo Jackson had to quit the game and ended up losing his career as an American football player.


    9. Junior Seau (2008)

    Not all injuries end the career, and not all injuries are easy to take. NFL players are also people with feelings and emotions. The story of Junior Seau is a story and an incident that touched the core of many. Junior Seau was playing for New England Patriots against Chicago Bears. When one of the Chicago bears, a player was running with the ball. Junior Seau tried to make a tackle. He missed and mistakenly fell on his arm and broke it. He was rolling on the ground out of pain when his armed seemed disjointed like it had no bones in it. At around 2012, Junior Seau shot himself to death.


    10. Eric Wood Injury (2009)

    Eric Wood was playing for Buffalo Bills, and the match was against Jacksonville Jaguars. While playing the game, Montavious Stanley, a player from Jacksonville Jaguars, tacked Eric Wood and took him down. The harsh tackle did not have any mercy on Eric Wood. It was so powerful that Eric's leg was broken into two. Eric Wood then Suffered for

    • Broken leg
    • Compound fractures in tibia and fibula

    But fortunately, Eric Wood recovered from the injury and got back to his game in 2010. Not all players are as fortunate as Eric Wood.


    Final Word

    Injury is an inevitable factor in sports. Any sport has famous and brutal injuries, and for NFL, it is not a bit different. When an athlete is playing a game, the adrenaline rush makes them go to a different level. Being careful is the last thing to keep in mind. In this article, we have written about the ten worst NFL injuries to remember those unfortunate events. But this reminiscence can always awaken us and give us the idea that losing yourself in a rush can cause fetal damages. We hope you have a safe and great day, and be cautious when you go to play.